Fiorello, fire in his home in Rome: the bedroom on fire

Fiorello, fire in his home in Rome: the bedroom on fire

A fire broke out in Fiorello's house in Rome: flames invaded the showman's bedroom

Bad adventure for Fiorello who had to deal with a fire that broke out in his home in Rome. The showman lives in the Camilluccia area, in an elegant apartment together with his wife Susanna Biondo and daughter Angelica. The family was at home when, as reported by Agenzia Nova, a fire broke out due to a short circuit. Some work was in progress in the house and the flames would have erupted in the bedroom, fortunately remaining limited.

The fire would have wrapped the tent on the mezzanine, prompting Fiorello and his wife Susanna Biondo, who were in the fifth floor apartment, to alert the firefighters. Work was underway on the property and one of the workers, as Leggo reveals, would have felt ill due to the high amount of smoke produced by the fire. The flames, however, would have been quickly quelled and the person affected by the illness would have been immediately rescued by ambulance personnel 118.

60 years and a long career behind him, Fiorello is as well known as reserved. The conductor has been married since 2003 to Susanna Biondo, the great love of his life, known in 1996, shortly after the end of the love story with Anna Falchi. The wedding came after seven years of living together and in 2006 the couple had Angelica. Rosario is also very close to Olivia, Susanna's first daughter, born from a previous union.

Fiorello is back from the great success of Sanremo 2020 which he led together with Amadeus, his great friend before he connects. In the last few months the two had announced their willingness to present the Festival in 2021, offering, once again, a great show to the public. "What do I do? – he said during a live Instagram -. It is heavy to do Sanremo. They tell you about all the colors. I don't have the right character, yet I did it. Amadeus convinced me and will convince me again. It could be the last thing. I do Sanremo, as it goes, and I close my career ". With the arrival of the 60 years, Fiorello had also expressed his willingness to put a point to his extraordinary career: "I don't have to go on for 80 years. I've done too much. Make way for young people. I just close. "

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