First day of school, the children made us understand that "we will make it"

First day of school, the children made us understand that "we will make it"

All the (justified) anxieties of mothers, all the "ifs", "buts" and "how will they do it". Swept in an instant by the children, who manage to hug and tell each other everything with their eyes

September 14, 2020: first day of school. After so many sleepless nights for many mothers and fathers, the paranoia thinking about what awaits us, the (right) fears of us parents facing the start of a year that promises to be one of the most difficult to manage ever.

The masks, the distancing in the classrooms, the management of entrances, exits, meals, recreation. The didactic material to be continuously sanitized. And these children who cannot hug, touch, kiss. The same teachers who are forbidden to caress ("It will be strange not to stroke your head when there is no exercise, do not ask you to borrow your pen because I always lose mine", writes in his beautiful post Enrico Galiano writer and professor loved on the web ).

But how will they do it? How will they resist? How will they arrive at the end of the year like this? It is unthinkable.

Instead, the children told us how to do it. On the morning of September 14, for many Italian students the first day of school of the school year 2020-2012. Simply, magically. Because even with the masks, one meter away, with their 10 kg backpacks on their shoulders (the only constant left – alas- unchanged), it was enough to see each other, talk to each other, hug each other with the eyes for everything to be as before.

And for us mothers, it was enough to observe the light of their eyes, breathe their happiness to feel that weight that had been weighing on the heart for days melt away, that tension loosen, think for a moment that perhaps, despite everything, we could do it.

Because they will be the ones to teach us how to move forward. With their being children, kids, their resilience far better than ours, their adaptability and their constant enthusiasm, regardless of everything, limits, rules, restrictions.

My children these days have never once said to me "But how are we going to stay with the masks, not to hug each other?" Their only concern was: “Will I finally see all my friends again? And my teachers?

After all the months of lockdowns, remote schooling, lessons and virtual relationships, they just want to be physically together and close. Even if at 1.5 meters. Who cares about distances and barriers. They go through everything. And in a reversal of roles, this year perhaps will go down in history as the one in which children, teenagers, will teach us adults something.

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