Fishnet stockings: mini-guide on how to wear them

Fishnet stockings: mini-guide on how to wear them

How to put fishnet stockings? I'm not an easy boss … let's see how best to wear them

Fishnet stockings: there are those who love them and those who hate them, I think that among the leaders of the wardrobe is one of those who share the most opinions! Is it possible to wear them easily and above all cool? Of course yes!

First premise essential to the post: I'm not a big lover of socks on the net, in the sense that I don't like wearing them, but I really like seeing them on others, especially if worn in a rock way. Second indispensable premise: eye, because with the stockings on the net it is very easy to fall into trash and vulgarize the look. When you wear them, then, be careful that the rest of the look is so strong, but a subdued step, so avoid all that is too flashy: bright lipsticks, excessively short skirts (unless you have nice legs or underneath 30 years!), Too heavy makeup.

Another personal opinion: the stocking on the net raised up to above the navel with a crop top and low waist jeans does not make me crazy even on little girls … you draw conclusions 😉

The net stockings with the maxi pull

Maybe it's my favorite combination: gray or black maxipull, or, why not, forest green, rock amphibians, lots of rings and bracelets and black nail polish, if you're feeling a little dark lady! Important: as I said above, avoid a too intense make-up, with a look like this a soap and water look is fine.

Jacqueline Mikuta, Pinterest source from

Net stockings under jeans

The only way I would wear them: I speak firsthand because I don't think I have the right legs and I'm over 30! You can put on a cropped jeans and choose, in addition to the polchetto (or ankle boot) a pair of flat shoes, like the lace-up shoes, which allow you to see the design of the sock. Furthermore, you can choose a wide or a bit narrower weave: with the men's shoe it will look great.

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The stockings on the net with the mini

Girls, I'll be caustic, but I say this because around you can see so many things that you just can't see: the miniskirt with the stocking on the net if and only if you have legs that allow it. If you really can't do without it, then do this: wear a 40 or 60 denier black pantyhose, then cover it slightly and over a thick mesh stocking. The effect of the net will be seen the same, but the legs, darkened by the tights, will seem thinner.

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