Fit for the return of the holidays: the expert advises

Fit for the return of the holidays: the expert advises

In shape after a long break? It is possible to buy back the line through simple and useful tricks, here are some tips

Fit and in perfect health: returning from summer holidays could prove to be truly traumatic for many people. You suddenly find yourself catapulted into the daily routine and you have to face all the daily tasks again. Unfortunately, it is not possible to escape this period, therefore we need to reserve the right amount of energy to face this transition phase with such vitality. Summer holidays are synonymous with relaxation, fun and light-heartedness, but it can also happen to indulge in some little pleasure, letting go with your favorite food. When you return home, excess pounds sprout. A common mistake would be to opt for a lightning diet or immediately follow a rather strict diet to lose pounds. In fact, there is nothing more wrong. It is absolutely not the right solution to lose excess pounds or promote weight loss. This is confirmed by expert nutritionists, who emphasize that a good way to get back in shape is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding fasting or restricted diets. Apparently, the month of September is characterized by a real boom in diets.

The cause is certainly the numerous ice creams, drinks or spirits taken constantly during the summer and here we begin to notice the excess kilos, especially as regards the waist area. In fact, there are many people who can not help but run for cover and opt for effective solutions to the return of the summer holidays. Getting back into shape becomes the main goal. Be careful though, as you should not undergo rigid diets or any fasting for a long time. It is precisely the specialists who want to highlight this important warning. First of all, it must be considered that returning from holidays involves a state of stress and tension. If the stress of the diet is added to this agitation, it is an absolutely unhealthy or beneficial solution. On the contrary, it could lead to further anxiety and tension and aggravate the situation on a psychophysical level. Opting for these remedies, in fact, can only hurt the body. It is therefore necessary to take the necessary distances from the methods that guarantee rapid weight loss.

In fact, many people are attracted to these rapid solutions. At the same time, many think prolonged fasting is the best way to lose weight. In fact, prolonged fasting is highly dangerous for the body, as it affects the lean mass, can cause toxicity and leads to an increase in cortisol, or the stress hormone. The latter promotes the aging process and can cause numerous ailments. Fasting for a long time is therefore not the right solution to lose weight quickly. In addition, experts stress that one is more exposed to traditional winter ailments, also due to the change of season, which in turn can lead to the onset of various pathologies. To get back in shape, you need to opt for a correct weight loss process and not follow the diets you do. It happens that a bad weight loss promotes the loss of lean mass. As a result, there is a reduction in calories and the vitamins and substances necessary for the well-being of the body are not absorbed.

As for slimming and the desire to get back in shape, there are many common places and myths to dispel. First of all is to eliminate fats from your diet. In this regard, nutritionists point out that fats, on the contrary, are useful because they help the absorption process of the vitamins necessary for the body. Fats contain numerous important substances that protect the body from various pathologies such as influences. Depriving the body of fats or stressing it with rigid diets causes a real defense action in the body, especially if there is a lack of vitamins or antioxidants. As a result, you don't lose weight properly and you get the opposite effect from your body. Fasting and restricted diets, therefore, can turn into real enemies for health. In fact, to regain your line and always be in shape, just cut down on carbohydrates. This does not mean excluding them, but simply limiting them and consuming them no more than once a day. After that, you need to increase your protein consumption, but not excessively, since they stimulate insulin production. And finally it is possible to consume fats, as they allow you to balance and balance your diet, including proteins and carbohydrates. Through these useful measures it will be possible to obtain the desired results in a short time and without great sacrifices.

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