Fit is Beauty, slim and toned with an app

275670I make a premise: the writer is a lazy one. A lazy inveterate, one of those who try to join the gym and then invent a thousand excuses and do not go there. But if a girl like me has managed to move thanks to a wellness app, then this app must be really interesting … That’s why I want to talk to you about Fit is Beauty, a daily guide on your smartphone that combines fitness and nutrition in a customized program.

How Fit is Beauty works

275758The beauty of Fit is Beauty is the impression of having a personal trainer at your complete disposal, to whom you are not ashamed to say how much you weigh, if you want to lose weight or if you want a more toned belly, because everything happens in virtual form. I know women who join the gym because they are obsessed with having legs too small, thighs too big, hips too wide, and any other “too much” you can imagine. But when they find themselves in front of the gym instructor who asks them: “What is your goal?”, They start to babble, deny any flaws and end up answering: “Nobody in particular, I just want to move a little.” With Fit is Beauty this embarrassment is eliminated, because the registration phase – the one where you have to confess your “sins” – takes place in front of the PC or smartphone, away from prying eyes and physical fitness.

How to register

Before activating the subscription (monthly, at 14.99 euros, or yearly, at 78 euros), some personal information is requested. First, we need to decide what we want to achieve from the program: lose weight and tone, tone while maintaining the figure, increase muscle mass. After that we need to reveal if we have a typology of gynoid body (i.e. if fat tends to accumulate on the hips and buttocks) or android (fat accumulates on the belly), if in fact exercise physicist we are gods beginners (like myself) or if we have a level of advanced exercisewhat are ours eating habits (omnivores, vegetarians, with some known intolerances) and then the great classics, that is age, weight and height.

At that point, after entering your preferred email address and password, we can subscribe and download the app from the Apple Store (if we have an iPhone) or from Google Play (if we have an Android phone): then, by clicking on “Already registered? Click here ”, just enter the email and password with which we subscribed and we will find our personalized program.

How does it work

Once logged in, we are greeted by a screen where we can further customize the workout, choosing the days of the week we want to exercise. But that’s not enough: from Monday to Sunday (except for a meal of your choice, totally free), a menu is also offered consisting of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner.

I have to admit, at the first access I was scared: for breakfast, I was offered 20 grams of protein powder + 250 ml of water, 3 wholemeal rusks with 10 grams of honey and a tea or coffee without sugar. My reaction was: «Protein powder? And where can they be bought? ». But here comes the genius of Fit is Beauty: for each proposal, a very long list of alternatives is suggested. For example, my 20 grams of protein powder + 250 ml of water could be replaced with 100 ml of whole cow’s milk or plain Greek yogurt, with hazelnut drink, with sliced ​​turkey or chicken, with bresaola. and so on. And this applies to each item that we find in the type menu. In short, no excuses. Something we have at home that we like is certainly on the list, because this app is women-friendly and respects all tastes, pockets and refrigerators. And then it helps us to respond to the eternal dilemma “what do I cook for myself today?”, Providing many tasty ideas studied by a sports nutritionist, who “educates” the body to consume more energy even when it is at rest, thanks to the construction of a good muscle mass.

Effective workouts

Even the activities – which are reminded to us on the days set as training by the notification “Training day! It’s time to do new exercises! ” – they are simple, fun and have a short duration, 25 minutes overall, absolutely compatible with personal laziness or with normal daily activities. For those who want to overdo it, on free days you can choose short and targeted workouts, lasting 10 minutes, to reshape a specific area of ​​the body: arms, abdominals, buttocks or legs. Always within everyone’s reach.

An exceptional guide

To guide us on the path is Giulia Calefatocreator of the app and instructor of Fitness and Wellness & Nutrition Coach, who on March 15 2017 founded (from which the new app takes its name), the first Fitness Lifestyle Blog that aims to promote a concept of beauty based on psychophysical well-being and not linked to pure aesthetics, which can lead to obsessive behaviors towards one’s image.

Giulia is fantastic, because in her normality – as a woman with a thousand commitments to attend to and two children to look after – she finds time to answer any doubts through the Instagram profile @fitisbeauty_official and the one dedicated to the students @fitisbeauty_app. What else to say? A try is worth it. Word of lazy.