Fitted jeans have side effects. painful

Fitted jeans have side effects. painful

According to recent research, tight jeans would have very special side effects

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Wearing jeans and particularly tight pants can have very painful side effects. To reveal a scientific research, according to which many of the back problems accused by women would be caused precisely by what they wear. On the dock the skinny jeans: practical, because they are worn with everything, sexy, because they highlight the curves, and very fashionable in the last period. Apparently, however, these pants are particularly harmful to our body.

Everything starts from a research carried out by the British Chiropractors Association and published in the English newspaper The Independent. According to the study, wearing tight jeans limits the mobility of the lower part of the body and consequently forces the muscles to remain in tension, in order to compensate for the sudden change in posture. The result is back problems and pain. "If they are very tight, you can't walk normally," said chiropractor Rishi Loatey. When walking, the knee, hip and lower back all move together to minimize the pressure on the joints. If one of these parts does not move as it should – the scholar concluded -, more pressure is produced everywhere ".

The research carried out by the team of scholars involved all women who use skinny jeans on a daily basis. The survey showed that 73% of the volunteers interviewed suffer from back pain. Of these about 28% were aware of the fact that clothes can affect posture, causing pain in the neck and back, but none of them had ever considered this data when choosing what to wear. Accused, in addition to tight jeans, also the shoes preferred by women. Not only high heels, even dancers and low boots can hurt your posture if worn every day. "We should look for and wear clothes that allow us to move more freely – explained the expert -. Heavy caps and oversized bags can restrict movement. It is also good to limit the time spent with high heels or open shoes, and to use sneakers or firm shoes on the way to work or social events ”.

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