Five days to shine on the altar like Meghan: -1

Five days to shine on the altar like Meghan: -1

The Big Bang said stop: what could be done was done, now the dances of the maxi-Royal-Wedding are open

Here we are. If no meteorite decides to fall on Earth within the next few hours, the two royal fiancés will marry at 12.00 o'clock in London in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle among thousands of English loyal to the Crown and millions of curious, journalists and dreamers glued to the TV. Meghan's father, Thomas Markle, forfeited, so Prince Charles was ready to accompany her to the altar, at the request of the two spouses. The horses and the carriage are ready, all hold their breath for this exciting adventure that will see Meghan together with her mother and friends (with stylist and hairdresser in tow) at Cleveden House Hotel, while Harry will be at Coworth Park, a nearby country house at Windsor Castle. What should a bride do on her last single day?

Probably Meghan will have to meet Queen Elizabeth together with her mother, Doria Ragland, but you, who have traditionally been introduced to the family at least months before, can avoid it and hire your best friend for the last relaxing day before the most important day of your life where you will be required to be there in all your dazzling beauty and sympathy.

In order not to give in to the stress of the last hours, plan everything from the first moment. The most is done both in terms of organization and in terms of face-legs-body-décolleté beauty. Now we need rest. The Spa is the only free zone to bet on. Plan a day in one of the most prestigious spas – no need to go to Ischia for a day – and launch into long stops in the hot pools and in precious sessions where you temper your spirit and soul.

Massages are a true elixir of beauty. While waiting for your "he" to do them for you, enjoy the expert hands of the masseuses. An energizing chocolate massage, one with Indian herbs and one sensorial with hot stones. Or you can opt for a massage based on bamboo extract that helps dissolve muscle tension and improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

While massages do their job, you can optimize the time with some hyper moisturizing mask to get even brighter skin. What about a turmeric? Or he still lingers on chocolate, a panacea even for the spirit.

The evening has arrived and with friends and the mother is a succession of last tips and talk about the outfit of that or that other person and about family rituals. These intimate chats that we women love and that men cannot understand, but make us what we are: princesses even without being of blue blood. For the evening a good night cream, and then off … the carriage is waiting for you.

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