Five days to shine on the altar like Meghan: -3

Five days to shine on the altar like Meghan: -3

The wedding of the year is coming: there are only 3 days left. There is not much time left but there are many things to do

The big day is just around the corner, anxiety starts to be felt and the detox diet does not give any space to junk food to drown your tensions. Hold on! All these emotions will disappear once on the altar, when you will be eye to eye with your prince charming. But in the meantime, even if you're on a diet, you can enjoy a greedy smoothie that won't make you regret a sweet thanks to the recipes of Jessica Alba's nutritionist, Kelly LaVeque. Any examples? The "Blueberry muffin" smoothie or the "Dark chocolate sea salt". Only for today, from tomorrow you return to your usual diet.

Just three days after the wedding, the time has come to dedicate yourself to your skin. Just wake up, before taking a shower, dedicated to dry brushing. On the dry skin passes the special brush for a fast treatment able to eliminate dead skin cells, softening the hardest and roughest areas, and eliminating ingrown hairs or under skin. It seems that even Cleopatra used this technique.

Do not forget the skin of the face, in the shower dedicated to the elimination of impurities with a delicate scrub, so as not to attack the skin too much and, once out, prepare a homemade peeling that will allow you to have a young and smooth face. wedding day. Conclude with a veil of your favorite moisturizing emulsion.

Once the morning beauty ritual is over and after checking the final details on the arrangement of the guests at the tables, the moment for waxing has finally come: the days with leggings and opaque stockings even with 28 ° are over. Meghan will have eliminated unwanted hair for years with laser or pulsed light, but if you've never used these systems, just go to your trusted beautician or use the strips.

To avoid redness and unpleasant surprises after depilation, let the skin breathe, do not force it into too tight clothes, use a post-depilatory cream and avoid sources of heat for the next 24 hours. This means no hot baths, saunas or hot tubs because they could aggravate skin sensitivity.

In the evening, enjoy a hot herbal tea on the sofa, hugging your sweetheart, in front of a thrilling TV series to forget all stress. Why not just look at Suits, the series that made Meghan Markle famous?

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