Five signs someone is the one for you

Five signs someone is the one for you

When you meet someone, you may have a lot of questions about the potential future of the relationship. Am I wasting my time? Or on the contrary, is this person made for me? TipsForWomens interviewed psychologist Siyana Mincheva, so that she can give you the signs to spot to see things more clearly.

The first sign: you feel at peace and secure with your partner

The first piece of advice that Siyana Mincheva recommends looking for is within yourself: how do you feel when you are with your partner? “If we feel at peace and safe, with a person in front of us who listens to us, understands us, it is a positive sign.“explains the psychologist.”We feel understood, and with this feeling develops the feeling of self-confidence as well as a healthy mode of communication with our partner.

The second sign: we have the feeling of being ourselves

When you are comfortable with a person, you can discuss everything, without modesty or shame. “This is one of the signs that this person is made for you: with him or her, you can discuss certain subjects without shame, you maintain a healthy relationship with listening and kindness” indicates the expert. “You feel heard, and this reinforces the feeling of being yourself in front of others“.

The third sign: he is an open-minded person

If the person has an open mind, can think about other ideas and other experiences, this indicates that they have begun a process of welcoming and accepting you.” explains Siyana Micheva. “This person is capable of accepting what you offer them, they are tolerant and caring” she adds. Another good sign that it can work between you.

The fourth sign: he is a respectful person

Respect is the basis of any relationship, whether romantic, friendly or even professional. For our expert, “where there is respect there is love“A respectful person accepts the tastes, point of view, way of being and limits of the other.”It’s a good base, which allows us to consider building something.” notes the psychologist.

The fifth sign: a person who is not materialistic

Materialism, in psychology, is associated with the way we treat others. “Materialistic people often use competition or manipulation to achieve their goals.“. If we are faced with someone who is not looking for the material at all costs, this can also be a good positive sign.