Five tips for living the present well

from Lorenza Guidotti, certified Mindfulness instructor

270032The Japanese ideogram Ichigo Ichie, from which the book written by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles (Rizzoli) takes its title, means: this moment exists only now and will never return. Keeping this in mind allows you to live more intensely. Here are 5 key points to put into practice.

  1. Back to the present

    Time travel is painful and useless. You cannot change what happened yesterday or know what will happen tomorrow. But you can learn to live just what is happening to you right now. How? Listening to you. You are here, and you can be with the emotions, feelings and thoughts that come right now. Live them.

  2. Eliminate expectations

    Making continuous predictions, hoping that reality is different from how it is, continually expecting that a given event will or will not happen, only kill the present. Imagine expectations like paper wrapping a gift. Once you are free of it, the moment you are living comes in all its glory.

  3. Cultivate imperfection

    Have you ever stopped to observe nature? It is never perfect: it has folds, curves and changes constantly because it follows the life and death cycle of all things. So why do you pretend to be? Each failure is useful for taking a different path, a gift that teaches us to transform problems into inner resources.

  4. Apply Mindfulness to the 5 senses

    Train the art of listening, looking, touching, tasting and smelling to give every moment all the richness of perception. The tea ceremony is a great exercise: choose a quiet place and don’t fill the void with superficial chatter. Receive your guests with authenticity and hospitality to offer them a unique experience.

  5. Get rid of the superfluous

    Experienced travelers recognize themselves for what they leave behind, more than for the equipment they pack. Life is an ever-changing adventure and it is therefore worth traveling light. There are days as light as a feather and others as heavy as an asbestos hood. In those moments, when you feel crushed by the ballast, ask yourself: “What can I do without?“. If it’s easier for you, you can too compile a list.

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