Five tips to best survive the first day of school

Five tips to best survive the first day of school

The first day of school is coming: here are five tips to overcome it in the best way and survive

Holidays are now over and schools from north to south reopen. The much-feared first day of school is coming soon. Lots of news, endless commitments, tasks and questions: the new year looks pretty challenging and being scared is more than normal. However, surviving the first day of school is not impossible, just a bit of positivity and a few little tricks to put into practice.

The first obstacle to overcome is undoubtedly the morning alarm. After spending the summer lounging in bed all morning, hearing the alarm that rings at 7 is a real nightmare. To better deal with the trauma, it will be enough to gradually get used to the time change, moving the alarm back 15 minutes every day until the fateful first day of school. Another good purpose is to not completely cancel the holiday just passed. There is still a little bit of winter and the days continue to be beautiful. So the ideal is to do homework immediately and take advantage of it to have some fun, maybe going out for an ice cream or a bike ride.

Another trick is to focus on the more positive aspects of returning to school. First of all you will meet again the friends known on the benches of the class, but also that nice boy who studies in the next section or the teacher who is more likeable to us. In addition, the new season offers the opportunity to make new purchases and experiment with the look.

In fact, the first day of school imposes not only upturns, but also the purchase of new notebooks, diaries and backpacks with which one can indulge. The care of the look is also fundamental. The stores in this period have already exhibited the new collections and, among skirts, skinny jeans and shirts, there is only the embarrassment of the choice. The last advice, the most important, is to positively face what is to come. The school year has begun, and between resolutions and surprises, the first day of school will mark the arrival of many new features!

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