Five ways to apply creamy lipstick and achieve different effects

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One lipstick and 5 application methods: find out how to get a gloss, a natural, geometric effect, a matte lipstick and even a complete make-up

Can a single cosmetic allow us to change our look 5 times? Yes, if you know how to apply lipstick well and especially if you are talking about the creamy ones. You can get a perfect, more natural geometric effect, a matte effect, make a (practically) complete make-up and even create a sort of moisturizing gloss. The important thing is to choose the right lipstick: it must not be too opaque or it will be more difficult to achieve all these effects and, above all, it must be of a fairly natural color or in any case not of a particular or whimsical shade. Better to choose a more classic color such as a pinkish or brown nude, a not too bright red or orange. In reality, with reds, fuchsia and dark or burgundy lipsticks you can still get very particular effects, you just need to pay a little more attention.

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Pat it on your lips with your fingers for a very natural effect

The first method of applying lipstick is perhaps the easiest and fastest, namely by tapping it on the lips with your fingers. This will make the lipstick lighter and less intense while giving the idea of ​​color. It is a perfect method for those who cannot see themselves with lipstick on their lips but love color. You can tap it on your lips little by little and then blend it with your fingers or directly take a little lipstick with your finger and then tap it on your lips. Start with a little creamy lipstick and gradually add more if you want more color release. Try to concentrate the color mainly in the center and blending it outwards and you will see how, with more natural and neutral shades, you will get a plump lip effect almost as if they were your naturally pigmented ones. For brighter colors such as red, fuchsia or plum, on the other hand, you will have a touch of color that recalls these shades, but without the commitment of a completely designed and colored mouth.

blonde girl pink lipstick pinkish nude lipstick

Apply it with a brush for a defined and geometric effect

On the contrary, if you are a fan of geometric lips, perfectly drawn and outlined and maybe you love bright shades, red, fuchsia or burgundy, arm yourself with patience and a lip brush. Not all lipsticks are easy to apply from the stick, especially if they have lost the tip and it is even more difficult to get a perfect lip contour with cream lipsticks. To outline perfect lips, just apply the lipstick in the center and then work it slowly with a small flat brush.

red lipstick burgundy nails

If necessary, take more product directly from the stick taking care to proceed with patience to redraw the edges of the lips, correct some asymmetry and try to be as precise as possible. Creamy lipstick, compared to matte lipstick, is easier to correct if you make a mistake because it dries less and less quickly. You will then be able to slightly clean the edges with your finger during application, otherwise once the lipstick has been applied you can clean up the edges well with the help of a brush, this time angled, and a little concealer, then blending it to not make it visible.

applying lipstick brush

Dab some powder on it to make it matte

The creamy lipstick is characterized by a slightly shinier patina than matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks and, above all, has a shorter duration than these. However, it has on its side that it dries the lips less precisely because it contains more moisturizing substances and more oils. Or maybe you have a cream lipstick color that you really like, but would like it to be a matte version. Don’t worry, you just need a little powder, a large brush and a tissue to transform your creamy lipstick into a matte lipstick and also increase its duration. The first step is to apply the lipstick as described above, also cleaning the edges.

At this point, take a tissue (but a piece of toilet paper will also work) and make a single layer. Place it gently on your lips, without pressing too much and dab a large brush on the tissue that you will have first passed on a transparent face powder, preferably in loose powder. If you want to make it even more opaque, repeat the operation with a new tissue and you will see how your lipstick will now no longer have any shiny patina. Having absorbed oils and emollients, the lipstick will last even longer.

Givenchy red lipstick

Apply a moisturizing oil for a moisturizing gloss effect

There are those who have very dry lips or love a mirror effect on the lips. With a creamy lipstick it is also possible to create a sort of gloss, just have a moisturizing oil for the lips. Apply the lipstick by tapping it or with a brush, depending on whether you want an extra color and brightness effect on the lips or if you want a softer result. At this point, apply your lip oil, in doing so the creamy lipstick will almost turn into a gloss, acquiring brightness and a three-dimensional effect. At the same time, with this method, the driest lips will benefit from the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, a perfect technique to prevent the lips from chapping and splitting, for example in winter.

colored lipsticks

Apply to cheeks and eyes for lightning-fast makeup

This is a perfect technique for making a quick monochromatic makeup in less than five minutes, perfect in the morning or on the go so as not to carry too many products. Choose your favorite lipstick, in this case a pinkish or brownish nude is better, since it will also have to perform the function of eyeshadow. Apply the lipstick on your lips as you like best, in natural, matte, gloss or geometric versions. At this point, spread a little on the cheeks and blend with the fingertips or with the part immediately under the thumb, which has a shape that adapts perfectly to the cheeks. Apply a little product at a time, blend it and, if anything, roll it out again, going step by step.

tanned girl nude lipstick

Then move on to the eyes, applying the lipstick with one finger and blending it with the next, clean one, to obtain a gradual effect. That’s why it’s best to opt for a nude lipstick, but nothing stops you from experimenting and trying a fuchsia or red lipstick to get a colorful and fun look. At this point, then, pass a veil of powder on the cheeks and eyes to fix the lipstick, for a perfect quick makeup in five minutes counted.

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