Five ways to buy time in the morning

Five ways to buy time in the morning

From hair to makeup, through gymnastics and breakfast: simple tricks that will earn us precious minutes

1. Hair: wrap your hair in a super absorbent microfibre towel and dry it naturally while you dress or make up. You will save precious minutes. And if you do not like natural drying, it will be enough to give a final brush and hairdryer blow, when the hair is semi-dry.

2. Creams: eliminate unnecessary beauty products. To keep your face hydrated, just leave it moist after washing it, the eye cream should be applied in the evening, not in the morning.

3. Makeup: avoid using too much makeup. better a multipurpose stick that works as a foundation and concealer at the same time. For the eyes it is better to use mascara, and eliminate the eyeliner.

4. Breakfast: skipping breakfast to save time is not a good habit. Instead, prepare two small containers, one for yogurt, one for cereals and bring them with you to the office. You will have breakfast later, but you will not skip it.

5. Morning gymnastics: no need to overdo it. It takes 3 sets of 15 abdominals, a little push-ups and off you go.

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