Flat bellies after pregnancy: sometimes it is possible

Diet, gymnastics and constant care, genetic predisposition or abdominoplasty: all the ways to get back in shape

Hands up who has not been speechless to see Ilary Blasi – now awaiting the third child – in a bikini a few weeks after the birth of Chanel, the second child of the Totti house: there was to believe it. After a very short time, the show girl returned to co-lead Le Iene in great shape, with the same wasp waist as a twenty-year-old who never had a child. And to think that he is planning four more (the Rome champion gave her the discount for the fifth). Merit simply of age, diet and maybe firming creams that promise to absorb excess fluids? Possible, but also unlikely, given the speed of the (exceptional) results, which most women see as a mirage. Miracles that have graced so many other VIPs, from Michelle Pfeiffer to Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford, Catherina Zeta-Jones, Gwen Estefan, Eva Herzigova (photographed for a jeans advertisement three weeks after giving birth), the Italian Federica Panicucci, Martina Colombari , Nina Moric and Lorella Cuccarini, incredibly fit after four children.

If the latter admits – together with Colombari and Crawford – that they have undergone a strict diet, after each birth, and that they have done an exhausting physical exercise, the other glissano. All thanks to the dietary program of the Japanese dietitian-guru Nish Joshi, says Gwyneth Paltrow, who has privileged white meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, saying no potatoes, peppers and bananas, cereals, red meat, sugar, bread, pasta and dairy products. On the other tricks, there is absolute silence, except for a few exceptions. Nancy Brilli, for example, admitted to having met her current companion, plastic surgeon Roy De Vita, on the occasion of an intervention to eliminate the unsightly post-caesarean pancetta. And among the actresses, only Liv Tyler declared that she considered the hypothesis of the use of the scalpel to return to full form. Some time ago, the director of the British magazine Mother & Baby, Elena Dalrymple, denounced the fact that at least eight VIP moms out of ten turn by default to the surgeon to get rid of the pounds accumulated. In parallel, the same magazine published a survey according to which 82% of English women were obsessed by the comparison between their post-birth form and that of the most famous actresses.

But what do the experts say about it? Meanwhile, there are no (but this we suspected) miraculous creams for all: the effects of a Nish Joshivariano treatment depending on the individual response, which depends on different factors: age, health status, constitution and genetic predisposition. The flat stomach depends a lot on the tone and elasticity – therefore on the hydration of the skin – of the tissues. Some advice? Meanwhile, better to wash with cold rather than warm water, preferably wear wide trousers to prevent the abdominal muscles from atrophying, avoid the sun, play sports and moisturize, massage and remove dead cells.
Clinical studies have shown that there is a gene responsible for the tonicity of the tissues, important in the creation of elastic fibers but also in the repair of tissues subjected to frequent cycles of expansion-shrinking. Like the abdomen of women, precisely. If you really can't manage to live with that little bit of bacon that the children have inherited and neither the physical exercise, neither the treatments or the diet have given results on the subcutaneous fat and the excess skin, it doesn't remain that the abdominoplasty. First warning: a scar remains, however low, at slip height. Sometimes a mini-tummy tuck can be enough, which coincides with a liposuction, in essence. If, on the other hand, the pregnancy has excessively dilated the skin and the muscles, an operation is performed which, according to the doctors, does not preclude further pregnancy (to the extent that it cancels the effects). But the best cure, the most effective, is probably a good chissenefrega, a good dose of good humor and enjoying the joy of motherhood. Bacon included.

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