Flat belly diet: you deflate in a week and lose weight

Diet with beans: you lose weight, lower cholesterol and prevent Parkinson's disease

Is the swollen belly becoming a problem? Try this diet to lose weight, eliminate gas and lose weight

Healthy bowel diet: flat stomach in 4 weeks

With the flat stomach diet you deflate in a week and lose weight by eating the right foods.

The swollen belly is a problem that worries many women, put to the test by abdominal swelling caused by a wrong diet. To get a flat and perfect belly, however, just follow a few simple rules, focusing on anti-bloating foods, with very little fat and calories. How does the flat stomach diet work? First you need to eliminate some foods, especially those that create fermentation and gas, but also water retention.

The sausages and all the cold cuts are to be avoided, the only ones allowed are those of turkey and chicken. Yoghurt and fermented cheeses, junk food, such as hamburgers and fries are also banned. Also eliminate all foods with yeast, such as pizza and baked goods, and vegetables that could increase gas at the intestinal level, such as peppers, ripe tomatoes and cabbage.

At the table do not eat acid soft cheeses, such as ricotta and stracchino, carbonated soft drinks, responsible for meteorism, legumes and chewing gum, which favor the ingestion of the air, generating swelling. Instead, all types of white meat are allowed, such as rabbit, chicken and turkey, but also vegetables rich in fiber, such as asparagus, which represent a natural diuretic, fennel, which has stimulating properties for the stomach.

Plenty of space for fruit rich in water, with few calories and little sugar, such as watermelon, apples, pears, pineapple, grapefruit and kiwis. To deflate the belly, whole grains are also perfect, having a high satiating power and reactivating the functioning of the intestine. Finally, ample space for liquids, which have a draining and anti-cellulite effect. Opt for green tea, fruit and vegetable centrifuges, smotthies and herbal teas.

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