Flat belly, the detox effect of tarragon

FODMAP diet, flat stomach in 4 weeks

Tarragon is a food rich in properties, ideal for those on a diet and dreams of a flat stomach

Flat belly: 5 spices that deflate

Rich in benefits and tasty, tarragon is the perfect natural remedy for getting a super flat stomach.

In fact, this spice is not only perfect for giving flavor to any dish, but it also has many therapeutic properties. Digestive, antiseptic and detox, the tarragon is an excellent ally of the diet and is characterized by its intense and aromatic flavor, perfect for the preparation of many recipes.

Known as the dragon grass, the tarragon is part of the Asteraceae family and is characterized by small and fragrant flowers. Its nutritional values ​​make it ideal for those on a diet, but above all they want to counteract abdominal bloating. The leaves of this plant are rich in beneficial minerals, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, sodium, cast and phosphorus. It also contains many vitamins A, B and C, useful for health.

What makes this food so special is also the fact that it contains very few calories (295 per 100 grams), lots of fiber, water and zero cholesterol, compared to many nutritional properties.

Tarragon is the perfect ally against a swollen belly. Promotes digestion, eliminates intestinal gas, has purifying and digestive properties. Not only: if consumed every day it counteracts the development of bacteria in the body and plays an anti-inflammatory function.

Since ancient times it was used to purify the body, with a surprising detox effect. If taken in the right doses it stimulates bile and diuresis, improving the functioning of some organs (such as liver or gall bladder) and purifying them. The ideal is to take it before meals, to eliminate intestinal gas and improve the production of gastric juices, facilitating the work of the stomach and intestines.

How to consume tarragon? Thanks to its intense taste you can also replace it with salt, using it to dress a fennel salad or to make a soup more tasty. Try it also with roast chicken or chasseur, fish, eggs or chickpeas.

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