Flavia Vento in shock: Varani's killer is one of his ex

Flavia Vento in shock: Varani's killer is one of his ex

The shocked showgirl tells of her flirtation with Marc Prato one of the murderers of the 23 year old killed on Saturday in Rome

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Flavia Vento is in shock after learning that one of Luca Varani's killers, the 23-year-old man massacred with stab wounds in an apartment in Rome on Saturday, is one of his ex. This is Marc Prato with whom the showgirl had a brief relationship in 2014.

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, the Wind said that it was a short flirtation that lasted only a month. The couple would have seen each other only 5 times and between the two there were only a few kisses.

Marc was a nice boy, I liked him, so we remained friends. The last time I saw him a month ago … at the cinema Adriano for the premiere of the film Millionaires.

On that occasion, the showgirl said that they also went out for dinner and he spoke to her about the events he had to organize. Flavia Vento was shocked to learn of the murder:

If Marc has done what our friendship has done, it ends here, story closed, I won't even go to Regina Coeli to find him.

And then she declares convinced that Marc is not a madman. And the Courier assured that:

He was never violent with me, never raised his hands, never especially snorted cocaine in my presence, because he knew that I am against drugs.

The two then continued dating even after the end of their story. Last summer Marc had spent the guest holidays in Sabaudia della Vento's house. And speaking of the photos published by Oggi depicting Flavia hand in hand with Marc Prato at the time of their flirtation, she said she was very sorry that they were filmed two years later.

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