Flavio Briatore has a new flame, the reaction of Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram

Flavio Briatore has a new flame, the reaction of Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram

According to some gossip, Flavio Briatore would have a new flame: the reaction of Elisabetta Gregoraci on Instagram

Flavio Briatore, ex husband of Elisabetta Gregoraci, has a new flame. According to rumors the entrepreneur would have been spotted with Benedetta Bosi, an Instagram star, with whom he would have spent an evening at the Cipriani in Montecarlo. After the flirtation with Taylor Mega and Vittoria Di Flavio, Briatore would have found his smile next to the young Tuscan woman.

The gossip, launched by Dagospia, was not denied nor confirmed by those directly involved. But how will Gregoraci have reacted to this gossip about her ex-husband?

The showgirl and the entrepreneur said goodbye after more than ten years of love and the birth of a son, Nathan Falco. For the love of little Flavio and Elisabetta they remained united even after the divorce, continuing to celebrate important events together and spending the holidays with their family. This summer the former couple had split up between Sardinia and Capri and had always appeared smiling and happy, so much so as to fuel the hypothesis of a flashback.

A hypothesis denied by both, so much so that a few weeks later Gregoraci had been paparazzi at the airport ready to fly to Lampedusa in the company of Francesco Bettuzzi, the man who had made her heart beat again after the divorce and from which she was away.

In these hours when Briatore is at the center of gossip, Elisabetta has chosen the path of silence. The showgirl did not respond to user comments and preferred to dedicate herself to her son Nathan Falco. Nelle Stories has posted some videos in which he prepares to go to dinner with his son. In the clips the Calabrian model appears in perfect shape and smiling, focused on her role as a mother and determined not to be upset by gossip.

"When I'm with Nathan I'm alone with him – he told the newspaper Oggi a while ago – and the rest doesn't exist. I also avoid going to dinner with my friends. If they offer me a weekend I say no. Obviously then I gave up the daily programs that were offered to me: for me it was unthinkable to stay away from Monday to Friday in Rome, far from my son […]. The sacrifices are all right, but I know that soon Nathan will no longer calculate me. Already now he organizes himself with his friends, in a few time I'll see him with the dropper. I enjoy it as long as I can. "

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