Flavio Briatore, the sweet dedication to his son Nathan: Elisabetta Gregoraci comments

Flavio Briatore, the sweet dedication to his son Nathan: Elisabetta Gregoraci comments

On Instagram, Flavio Briatore makes a sweet dedication to his son Nathan Falco and Elisabetta Gregoraci comments

Flavio Briatore writes a sweet dedication for his son Nathan Falco on Instagram and Elisabetta Gregoraci comments. The entrepreneur was discharged from the San Raffaele hospital in Milan where he had been hospitalized in the last few days, discovering the positivity to Coronavirus. In the coming days, the owner of the Billionaire will be the guest of Daniela Santanché. According to Corriere della Sera, it was Flavio himself who asked his friend to host him for fourteen days during which he will remain in quarantine.

The owner of the famous Twiga in Forte dei Marmi would have asked for advice from her companion Dimitri of Habsburg Lorraine and her son Lorenzo, before accepting. In these two weeks, therefore, Briatore will be away from his home in Monte Carlo where his son Nathan Falco and ex-wife Elisabetta Gregoraci also live. A distance that obviously weighs heavily on the entrepreneur, since shortly after being discharged he posted a sweet dedication to his son on Instagram.

"14 days go by quickly", wrote the entrepreneur, publishing a shot in which he smiles with Nathan Falco, adding the hashtags: #FlavioBriatore #padreefiglio #fatherandson #famiglia #parenti. The first comment on the post was that of Elisabetta Gregoraci who evidently tried to give courage to her ex-husband. The showgirl posted the emoticons of the muscles, a way to convey her strength to the ex, and replied to those who asked where Nathan was.

In recent days, the showgirl had commented on the controversy that arose around Briatore. Elizabeth had revealed that her son had also been subjected to the swab. “Thank God he's fine, he swabs and it's negative – he explained to Corriere della Sera -. I'm fine too, I've had peaceful holidays, never like this year: nothing abroad, just two days in Calabria, then in Forte dei Marmi and Sardinia ". And Briatore had added: “I always advise all the people who are close to me, I am very attentive, for some friends they are even bigoted. Then everyone does his own thing ".

The love between the two ended a few years ago, but Flavio and Elisabetta remained united for the love of Nathan Falco. They live close together and are often together to ensure peace of mind for the child. An excellent relationship also witnessed by the model's gesture towards the ex.

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