Flavio Montrucchio confesses to Alessia Mancini: the secret of their love

Flavio Montrucchio e Alessia Mancini

Flavio Montrucchio tells the love for his wife Alessia Mancini that has lasted for 17 years

Alessia Mancini leads Junior Bake Off Italy with Flavio Montrucchio

Flavio Montrucchio confesses to Alessia Mancini revealing the secret of their love. The former word of mouth letter and the former gieffino today are two successful conductors, at the helm of Junior Bake Off Italia. Married for 17 years, they have a great understanding and a feeling that has never faded, increasing over time. In 2008 they became Mya's parents, while in 215 they had the second son Orlando.

Their love, lived away from the spotlight, intrigued the public a lot after Flavio and Alessia landed on Real Time at the helm of Junior Bake Off Italia. A challenge, that of running as a couple, which they won great, showing themselves to be very close-knit. “Definitely presenting a program as a couple is a good test – explained Flavio Montrucchio to the weekly Oggi, talking about the feeling with his wife -. You have to be very experienced to deal with it. In fact, we have overcome it. It is not for nothing that we have been happily married for 17 years ”.

Married for many years, they are still in love as on the first day. “We love and respect each other – confirmed the presenter -. No one invades the spaces of the other. This is the secret of our longevity ”. Born in 1975, originally from Turin, Flavio Montrucchio achieved success in 2001 by participating in the Big Brother. After the victory in the reality show he starred in Centovetrine, but his artistic consecration came thanks to the musical Grease, where he proved to have a great talent. After several successful fiction and musicals, Montrucchio has conquered everyone at Tale and Quali Show. 2014 marked a big change in his life, leading him to run. Successful showgirl, Alessia Mancini has worked with big names in television, from Mike Bongiorno to Gerry Scotti, up to Gianni Boncompagni.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the two met and have never left each other since. A real love at first sight that led them to stay together, creating a wonderful family. “I adopted a mixed attitude, between the gallant and the formal – recalled Flavio, speaking of their first date -. Let's say officer and gentleman. It was love at first sight. Love at first sight exists. And we are proof of this ”.

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