Flexitarian Diet, the diet for all needs

Flexitarian Diet, the diet for all needs

Of vegetarian inspiration, it does not exclude meat and fish and can be customized according to one's lifestyle

The vegetarian diet has many health benefits, but does not satisfy everyone's desires and needs. The solution is the Flexitarian diet: a diet that, by putting vegetables at the center, offers all the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle without eliminating animal protein altogether. An extremely healthy method that, not surprisingly, reached the podium in 2019 (3rd place after the DASH diet and the Mediterranean one) in the ranking of the best diets drawn up each year by the prestigious U.S. News & World Report. Among the experts who in Italy recommend it there is also Dr. Lucia Bacciottini, author – along with Marta Colombo Traxler, of the book Flexitarian Diet. The flexible diet.

How is it composed?

The Flexitarian provides a high consumption of vegetables and seasonal fruits (40% of the requirement), in addition to whole grains (20%), legumes (15%), oil seeds (5%), eggs and dairy products (10%), with a 10% "flexi space", reserved for meat and fish. And there is also room for comfort food, very important for "emotional nutrition".

In the different food plans proposed, we do not only consider the calorie intake of meals or the distribution of macros and micronutrients, but also the right intake of bioactive substances contained in food. Substances that do not serve to produce calories, for the purposes of movement or thermoregulation, nor to create biological structures such as cells and tissues, but which are able to regulate numerous biological activities and important functions of the organism, such as antioxidant activity and the anti-inflammatory one, the stimulation of the immune system, the modulation of the hormonal metabolism, the anti-bacterial and antiviral activity, etc. Foods that contain these special bioactive substances – also called nutraceuticals because they play a beneficial role in health, as a kind of natural drug – are called functional.

A diet for every need

The volume proposes, therefore, 10 weekly food plans with functional foods suitable for 10 different lifestyles, for those who work or study at home, for those who have irregular or night schedules, for those who are always traveling or for those who have to manage a family , plus a food plan to lose weight. Flexitarian is the modern version of the Mediterranean diet: not a temporary diet, but a real food style, balanced and suitable for everyone, to preserve well-being without sacrificing the pleasures of the table. "We need to rethink our diet and develop a new awareness to choose the best diet that guarantees psychophysical well-being taking into account the renewed and varied contemporary lifestyles. We need to look at food with different eyes, with an approach that is able to integrate nutrition science (pure biochemistry), culinary arts (culture and gastronomic traditions) and ecology (through the control of production chains) ", says the author.

For this, delicious recipes are not lacking. Soups and soups, imaginative salads, meatballs and veggie burgers, desserts and delicious smoothies and centrifuges … In short, a tasty world full of health!

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