Flora Canto chooses a black jumpsuit waiting for the big day. Let’s copy it!

Flora Canto chooses a black jumpsuit waiting for the big day.  Let's copy it!

With her partner Enrico Brignano she is part of one of the most beautiful and sympathetic couples in the Italian show business. Flora Canto shines in the non-color par excellence.

He has fun with followers in showing himself in dream clothes for his best day. Flora Canto will soon marry Enrico Brignano with whom she has two wonderful children: Martina and Niccolò.

Flora Canto showgirl in classic black jumpsuit 13-5-22.

Source: Canva.

Today we see her casual outfit posted on Instagram, waiting to discover the one of the long-awaited wedding.

The Flora Canto one-piece suit is a passe-partout even in May

The jumpsuit is by right one of the “save the evening” items. The reasons are varied but the main ones, as we know, have a crazy relevance.

Flora Canto in total black 13-5-22.

Source: Instagram.

First of all, it is the perfect garment for when you have your own things (yes, those days of the month), if you feel – or are – out of shape, it disguises swelling and little rolls and you don’t need to “go on the fly” to the beautician for emergency waxing because the legs remain covered.

A-line cut, a mix between sporty and casual chic, the style of the signature jersey tracksuit Norma Kamali makes itself known. The slightly flared trousers with front slit are fully part of the trends of the last year. Discounted by 10%, it is available at 175 euros on MyTheresa.

Cowl neck and lighter fabric for Femme Luxe (47.99 euros on Asos) which offers a suit to show off with very high sandals with thin straps and large chain accessories (golden or silver).

Long sleeves and zip on the bust in contrast that recalls the soft belt chains for the proposal of Tally Weijl. Suitable for a cool night at the disco as well as for an adventurous, as well as glamorous, motorbike ride. It costs 29.99 euros.

Low cost black jumpsuit 13-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Back uncovered instead for the nineties idea of H&M, captivating with cut-out detail on the sides and for only 33.99 euros. In this case, even a flat sandal will be fine but it always depends on your mood and the occasion. Then choosing a jacket with lapels like that of Flora is ideal but with the heat now definitively arrived it is better to avoid forcing.

With Aurora Ramazzotti we have seen the value of green and elegance even on the youngest, with Flora

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