Flora Canto, the photo after childbirth: "Slowly towards recovery"

Flora Canto, the photo after childbirth: "Slowly towards recovery"

The actress and presenter tells how it proceeds after the birth of Niccolò, who was born a few days ago

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Moments of great joy are those that Flora Canto is experiencing, who on 20 July gave birth to her second son: Niccolò, the fruit of the love that binds her to Enrico Brignano.

The beauty and emotions of a birth are understood and the actress and presenter has decided to tell a few more details about how she is proceeding.

After announcing the arrival of little Niccolò, in fact, Flora Canto has published a new shot in which she is seen smiling and beautiful making the gesture of victory with her fingers, while in the caption of the image she explains how she feels: "Good morning to everyone. – it is read -. Slowly towards recovery, breakfast made this morning, a little milk taken and a little given … a trickle of make-up, a scented dressing gown (despite the green coat having its charm) … and off you go! Ready for a new beginning ", to accompany the whole hashtag Niccolò.

In recovery and certainly deeply moved, a happiness that is palpable even in the words used on the occasion of Niccolò's birth, which accompany a very excited shot chosen for the occasion. In the photo you can see her with the baby in her arms and together with Enrico Brignano: "And just as it was on the air Done da mamma … Mamma did it! Welcome, our sweetest love, "wrote Flora Canto to announce the baby's arrival.

Even the dad bis shared his joy with two photos accompanied by a sweet dedication: “It's finally arrived, little angel we've always been waiting for you! Thank you my love for giving birth to our baby ”.

For the couple it is the second child, in fact they already have a daughter, Martina, born in 2017.

In recent days, many have congratulated the two bis parents, commenting under the Instagram posts they shared. Also in the photo published by Flora Canto, accompanying which she tells how these first days after the birth of their baby are proceeding.

Volcanic, smiling and beautiful: Flora Canto appears like this not only on her Instagram profile, but also at work, she recently hosted Fatto da mamma a program dedicated to home cooking, broadcast on Saturday on Rai 2 and with many guests from the world of show.

Instagram post Flora Canto

Flora Canto's Instagram post

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