Floral ideas: how to prepare for spring

Floral ideas: how to prepare for spring

Flowers always bring a desire for spring: here are some ideas to bring even in mid-season

The first sunny days immediately bring a great desire for spring! There is little to do: we are fed up with thoughtful sweaters, plaids and covers! There is a desire for rebirth, to go out and see trees sprouting and flowering meadows. And if in the meantime, as long as we wait, we don't start putting it on, a little spring?

Floral ideas: how to prepare for spring

Boyish denim jacket, Pinko clutch bag, Carolina Herrera floral dress

Floral ideas: the floral dress with chunky sneakers

It never goes out of fashion, a bit like the little black dress or the trench coat: every year it changes according to the fashion accessories of the moment, renewing itself and staying on the crest of the wave. If you are a fashion addicted, you can try to combine it with chunky sneakers, perhaps in pastel colors, if you want to maintain a girly and not very busy look.

floral with chunky sneakers

Floral ideas: the floral dress with Kombat boots

Putting on a long floral dress with Kombat boots is the best way to play it down, not to mention that it's a clever way to put on tights and not suffer the cold if you still don't feel like keeping your legs bare. Kombat boots have the ability to make a super gritty look, even if you are wearing a vintage dress that would look great in a photo taken in Provence in the 1950s.

floral and kombat boots

Floral ideas: the floral shirt and jeans

Jeans are the best friends you can have in your wardrobe: search until you find your favorite model and never abandon it, because it saves you any look. With the right jeans you can also wear the bon ton seventies blouse and you will not disfigure at all. In case of cold, green light for a nice coat, even a very colorful one.

floral and denim

Floral ideas: for girls doors

You know that I love the “anta girls”, as I have affectionately renamed them on my blog. Flowers are great for them too, as long as you combine them with gritty and out of the ordinary accessories: quilted sandals for example, or a mini-bag.

floral after the doors

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