Floral skirts are always a great idea! Wear spring summer

Gonne floreali estate 3-7-22

At one time floral skirts were considered suitable only for ladies well, then they became a symbol of cultural revolution with the hippie movement (not surprisingly also called flower children) and today they are much more simply fashionable garments to wear in different situations based on cut, color and pattern.

In the heat you just want to undress and then dive into the pool but if you don’t have this possibility then the ideal is to cover yourself up. Doing it with style, for women like us, is the minimum, that’s why today we see the wide choice of floral skirts to wear in the summer.

Floral skirts summer 3-7-22

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During the day and even in the evening, you can create captivating and very feminine outfits without ever exaggerating. The romantic and fresh mood is impressive, seeing is believing.

Floral skirts for the summer: how to understand which one to choose

The short skirt with floral ruffle and bow on the left side is a deep green base with a white pattern. Made by Shein promises to be suitable for both the beach and a sunset moped trip. Perfect for teenagers and twenties in general. It costs only 9 euros.

Floral skirt with pink knit 3-7-22.

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Drastically changing the price range is the pleated silk twill proposal, ankle length, by Max Mara (with the balances it is 167 euros instead of 239 euros). Excellent with a soft three-quarter sleeve shirt or with a very simple solid color tank top that takes up one of the colors of the skirt. If you are lucky enough to be tall or at least to have a slender body, the great impression is assured. A touch of class is a flat white or leather slipper.

Floral skirt on a yellow base 3-7-22.

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Of Kaos, the white and blue skirt with midi length, has a practical band that emphasizes the waist and then widens softly on the hips. With a Thirties sandal with a medium and thin heel, and a white shirt tied at the waist, the cover effect of Marie Claire maison is guaranteed. To buy for a summer dinner at home, in the city or by the sea. The price is 139 euros.

However, it is better to avoid the combination of floral skirt and crochet top, too many differences in shapes, colors and fabrics, convey the idea of ​​disorder …

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