Flowering plants to give away for Valentine's Day

Flowering plants to give away for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the feast of lovers and the opportunity to show one's love: here are the perfect plants to give

Valentine's Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year because it allows lovers to celebrate the feeling that binds them in style. Flowering plants are an excellent gift idea because they give well-being and a touch of color that will make the home even more welcoming. Here are the plants to give as gifts on this occasion:

  • the orchid is a flower with refined and minimal elegance at the same time. This plant comes from the East where it is highly appreciated for the symmetrical perfection of its flowers, but in the western world it symbolizes love, for its incredible ability to grow in any climate. Accompanied by a plain, white or black vase, this flowering plant is an indispensable must-have, perfect for breaking through the heart of your loved one;
  • those who love romanticism can also opt for another type of plant, the anthurium which has large heart-shaped leaves as well as flowers, so as to induce the ancient Greeks to describe them as Cupid's arrows. Being a tropical plant, it must be kept in a well-heated room and should be wet frequently, but without ever exaggerating;
  • pansy is another highly appreciated plant: its flower is very delicate, sweet and shy, perfect for describing a romantic and tender love. In order for it to live as long as possible, it is advisable to keep it on the balcony or terrace and it will give an unforgettable touch of color;
  • gardenia is the ideal plant to impress: its white flowers in fact symbolize an authentic and sincere love. It needs care and grows well even outdoors, as long as it is kept in a sheltered place during the cold winter temperatures;
  • begonia too, with its red flowers like passion, is a very welcome gift. This plant, in addition to being beautiful and of great visual impact, survives both indoors and outdoors: it can give a unique and personal touch to your home.

During Valentine's Day it is not necessary to give a bouquet of cut flowers, such as roses or tulips, but you can choose a flowering plant: a romantic investment on the future of the couple and on the beauty of a house full of color.

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