Flowers, colors and fantasy for Camomilla Milano

Flowers, colors and fantasy for Camomilla Milano

The summer 2021 of Camomilla Milano reserves many surprises in the name of good humor. Hyper-colored bags and suitcases to bring joy even to the wardrobe.

The joy of the rediscovery of simple things, positivity, colors and scents of flowers for Camomilla Milano that leads us to experience the summer without sacrificing femininity, a Girl Power that passes through colors, prints and an ultra-romantic mood !

A complete collection for a woman who loves to play with her image, because fashion is above all fun.
Even more in the summer!
A disruptive positivity that also floods the windows of the brand with the colors of flowers of all kinds.

Floral bag

Blu Amalia, the handbag with shoulder strap made of PU material with floral print.

In fact, the summer of Camomilla Milano reserves many surprises in the name of the brand's philosophy: "Good mood". Because smiling with a wink at your look is the secret to creating, with irony, a unique style.
To do this, just let yourself be infected by the SS 21 collection which presents bags inspired by “color therapy” and characterized by floral symbols and fashionable shapes, cuddles and emotions.
Wide with bows, tassels, precious applications for a practical and glamorous mix.

pink shoulder strap

The pink shoulder bag, elegant and glamorous, perfect for any occasion.

Camomilla Milano's line of bags for the hot season ranges from beach models such as the straw bag and utility bags, smart models, maxi travel bags, hyper-colored suitcases, small clutches, shoppers and purses, without forgetting the models a hand, It bags and backpacks.

The must: bows and flowers, always present, never banal. Flowers inspire shapes and materials, intertwining with contemporary taste and a timeless style that make Camomilla Milano a brand loved by women of all ages. Bows of different sizes play on the contrast of colors.

Suitcase set

Camo Roses, the luggage set by Camomilla Milano consisting of a travel trolley and a rigid beauty case.

The collection perfectly combines glam and practicality, as in the case of the 3WayBags of the A-Cristal line: wonderful convertible bags that become sporty, clutches or shoulder bags depending on the occasion.

Impossible, then, not to be conquered by the bucolic romanticism of the Amalia line and by that of the Aline bags and backpacks, just as it is impossible to resist the sporty * – * glam style of the chic bags of the Ashlie line.

A-Crystal bag

Versatile and colorful, the A-Crystal handbag by Camomilla Milano.

And to always be at the top even on the beach, Camomilla Milano offers a collection in the name of the great classics of the season: flowers, colors, stripes, transparencies, sequins and precious applications.
It is the Australia of surfing, of wild and pristine beaches that inspire the sea line that conveys the desire for freedom and escape.

Summer brings with it a desire for lightness even in accessories.
The hat, fresh and chic in its details, becomes a precious ally for shopping days or formal occasions.

Elegant style

For special occasions? The Ashlie gold glitter bag, the silver party bag and the Devon Blue hat.

The spring-summer collection is completed by the slippers with applied stones, the sliders and the more playful flip flops declined in vitamin colors and with applied flowers and decorations.

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