Flu or cystitis? Trust in thyme essential oil

Flu or cystitis? Trust in thyme essential oil

Known since ancient times for its antiviral properties, thyme essential oil is an excellent ally in case of respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Mint essential oil, for concentration and more

Derived from Thymus vulgaris, thyme essential oil proves to be valuable in the event of inflammation and viruses. Do you know its beneficial properties and methods of use?

You can remedy against infections
The main characteristic of the essential oil of thyme is the fact of effectively fighting viruses and infections, especially those affecting the urinary and respiratory tracts, which is why it is used in case of bronchitis, cough, otitis, sinusitis, cold, cystitis, candida, just to mention some of the most recurrent diseases. It also has an antibacterial effect on the intestine and skin, therefore it is useful in case of colitis or other intestinal affections, as well as for dermatitis of various kinds. The most classic use of this oil is to clear the respiratory tract by making suffixes with 5-6 drops of thyme oil in boiling water, exploiting its expectorant power.

Against muscle pain and rheumatism
Thyme essential oil has analgesic properties being able to soothe muscle, joint, rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, bruises, hematomas and tears. For this reason it is an ally for those who play sports. If necessary, dilute a dozen drops of thyme essential oil in 100 ml of sweet almond oil (or other base oil) and massage the area to be treated, you will have immediate benefit.

Stimulates and gives vigor
If you feel tired, listless, struggle to concentrate, put a drop of thyme oil in the fragrance diffuser in the room where you are to revive mental clarity and the desire to do, as well as the ability to concentrate.

Precautions for use
Thyme essential oil can be irritating so it must be used with extreme care and in moderate quantities. However, it must not be used in pregnancy, by those with high blood pressure, suffering from epilepsy, or having hyperthyroidism problems.

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