Focus on eyelashes: techniques to thicken and lengthen them

Focus on eyelashes: techniques to thicken and lengthen them

If mascara is the essential make-up for you, you must follow these tips to get a penetrating and smudge-free look

What is more irresistibly feminine than the blink of an eye? Women know this very well, as they often choose mascara as an essential make-up. With the new products the effect lasts all day, it is true, so much so that to see each other again "nature" after having taken off the make-up, perhaps after a good shower, you hardly recognize yourself. Or, worse yet, there are mornings where you don't even have time to have a coffee on the fly before leaving home, other than wearing makeup. Yet this is one of those cases where the "with" and the "without" really make a difference. Minimum effort – and minimum time – maximum result: this is what women are asking today and this is what the aesthetics innovations are trying to offer them. As in the case of eyelashes, in fact, that I can become longer (for a couple of months) and thicker (forever, or almost) thanks to extensions and semi-permanent make-up.

"More than a true thickening it is an optical action – explains Cristiana Causo, professor of the International Permanent Makeup Academy – which is obtained by operating inside the upper or lower lash line and gives a great depth to the look. It is said to be semi-permanent because it fades gradually, but it is still important to remember that it is "permanent" like any tattoo, even if it requires a touch-up per year. For the first time we work in two sessions of an hour at a distance of one month ».
It hurts a lot? «Pain is a subjective thing, it is a question of sensitivity. For many it's just annoying, "the expert reassures. After the sessions the tattoo should be treated with specific products and for a week it is better not to expose yourself to the sun. Women who ask this semi-permanent trick more frequently? "Those who have very little time to wear make-up, or for sports, especially those who practice swimming or diving". The effect? "It is really very natural, similar to mascara when applied very well. Customers are very satisfied with the result, so much so that they often start with caution, but then they always require something more ".

"It is an aesthetic treatment that stretches the lashes one by one, applying the false eyelashes, made mostly of twisted cotton fibers, over each of the natural ones – explains Cristina Causo of Biotek -. To apply them we use a rapid aesthetic glue, which absolutely does not touch the eye ». The most requested colors? "Especially black, but also brown and eyelashes with bright colors for pop effects. Once the life cycle of eyelashes is exhausted, from two months to a maximum of ninety days, the extension falls along with its "natural support" ». Does the work need adjustments during the months of duration? "Yes, every two or three weeks." Is the length "to taste"? "In a purely theoretical way, yes, even if it is usually extended by a third more than the natural eyelashes". Certainly the effect is very dramatic, and the treatment is required "even if not yet well known", says the expert. Maintenance of work in everyday life? «To apply extensions, use a sealant that should not be removed. For the same reason, it is not possible to apply mascara or oily products, such as creams or make-up removers. In the first 24-48 hours it is better to avoid sources of heat such as tembre, saunas and Turkish baths. No to cleansing milk, but above all to rubbing the eyes! », Warns Cristina. Costs? «Around 300-350 euros if the estimate includes adjustments. Otherwise they are 100-150 euros per session ».

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