For a fantastic look like Lorella Cuccarini the secret is a floral dress

Lorella Cuccarini in abito a fiori 12-8-22

When you have talent, real talent, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend or what choices you have made in life. People will always recognize your merits even if you return to the world of entertainment after many years of “stop”. Lorella Cuccarini conquers us today with a red dress with small flowers, a symbol of summer.

An important month for Lorella Cuccarini who recently recalled the thirty-one years of marriage with Silvio Testi through a romantic post on her Instagram page and celebrated her birthday just two days ago, Wednesday 10 August.

Lorella Cuccarini in a floral dress 12-8-22

Source: Canva.

Today we deal with the flowered dress, an effective solution for days at the beach.

Light and colorful fantasy to always be young like Lorella Cuccarini

Realized by Influence Petitethe multicolored floral yellow midi dress with thin straps is reminiscent of drawings from when we were little girls.

Blue floral dress 12-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

To be worn with a maxi beach bag and with the never forgotten espadrilles, with the white base it will be able to highlight even a slight tan. It is on sale on Asos Design at 25.99 euros (discounted by 27%)

For a more accentuated contrast here is the dress with a front slit on the left thigh and a length of just below the knee of Hollister Co. at € 27.99 (already discounted by 30%) on Asos. Black, thin straps and white flowers like stylized daisies like those of our star today, it also goes well with a very normal white slipper.

The proposal seems to pay homage to Provence H&M for only 9.99 euros. Comes to the calf, is in cotton fabric and has a smocked bodice. The straps are very thin as well as being both adjustable and detachable (this garment looks better without it). For a “teen effect” yes to basic sneakers in the same shades.

Floral dress verdev12-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

Another artist who has been able to reinvent herself in a great way is Giorgia Surina of whom we have spoken because of the pleated and impalpable dress. Many, too many, seem to be able only to undress and compete in showing that extra inch of skin. The class, however, we know, in the long run, is more striking and it is women that inspire us.

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