For a hypnotic Seventies style, go for these colorful and cool ideas

For a hypnotic Seventies style, go for these colorful and cool ideas

Spring brings new colors, summer too and adds vibrant emotions. If we add to all this psychedelic, cheerful and quality outfits, then the game is done.

To be fashionable it is not essential to wear the creations that we will propose below but, of course, it helps.

Psychedelic dresses 17-5-22

Source: Canva.

After the Coachella Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest, let’s find out how to be an artist through cheerful and feminine Seventies looks.

Psychedelic dresses and suits that excite. Here are which ones to choose

From the advertising of H&M – whose music we can no longer get out of our heads – to the influencers who opt for colorful garments and accessories, such as sunglasses, with pink, orange and blue gradient lenses, the choices that take us back to the time.

Psychedelic fantasy dress 17-5-22

Source: Pinterest.

The short dress with flared sleeves tied at the waist with brown print by Asos (32.99 euros on the site of the same name) is a classic that will be perfect for aperitifs with friends.

And of Liu Jo the colorful and slightly flared knit trousers with horizontal stripes that match the mini top with thin straps in the same process. In this case, wooden clogs, monochromatic espadrilles and wedges hinted at in rope are granted. They cost 155 euros and 89.27 euros respectively.

The one-piece suit of Zara in jacquard with cut out detail is a must of the season. In addition to leaving the hips uncovered, the back is the protagonist but be careful because, being in shades of fuchsia and orange, a tan is a must. Even those who are not a true lover of jumpsuits will hardly resist this garment.The price is only 29.95 euros on the official website of the brand.

Complete Sara Battaglia 17-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

If you want to get a true Austin Powers look then you should consider Shein. The short and tight dress has the iconic Tie Dye pattern we all know. The fluorescent colors and the very thin straps will immediately put you at the center of attention. It is on sale for only 6 euros.

Also in this case the two-piece can be a brilliant alternative to the usual dress in chic sequins but already seen and, above all, already worn. The desire to experiment and embark on new adventures must never be lacking!

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