For a trendy look in spring you won’t have to deprive yourself of this color!

For a trendy look in spring you won't have to deprive yourself of this color!

There are many ways to create a trendy look in spring, but you definitely won’t have to deprive yourself of one of this year’s fashion colors! Let’s find out in this style guide by CheDonna which color will fill our looks in spring!

We are almost at the gates of the summer season but spring continues to give us pearls of style that we haven’t had time to use yet. The fashion news for spring 2022 were so many that they didn’t even have time to study them and make them our own. However there is a trend in colors that we just can’t avoid using! Let’s find out all the details on how to create a trendy look in spring, here on CheWoman!

Trendy spring look

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Never as in 2022 has fashion been filled with bright and showy colors: yellow, pink, orange, cornflower blue, purple. Not to mention the fantasies, from the most contemporary to those recovered from the fashions of the past.

One thing is certain: colors are the real stars of this year, so to keep up with the trends we will have to fill our looks with colors.

In particular, one color has made its way into the hearts of many fashion loversbecoming the protagonist of many street style looks on the web.

What color are we talking about? Obviously green! From the lightest to the darkest shade, green is undoubtedly the color to use for spring and summer 2022.

But you don’t know how to use green in your looks? Here is the style guide that will explain how to be trendy using green in your outfits!

Green is the protagonist of the trendiest looks in spring: here are the 5 garments of this fashion color that should never be missing in your outfits!

From the accessory to the total look, green must be present in your spring looks. But how to combine it? And which garments to choose in this color? Let’s find out!

Trendy spring look

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see the 5 garments that you will have to choose in green for a trendy look in spring:

  • top: simple but always impressive is the colored top. Even in a total black look, the green top can make the difference in the total outfit.
  • sweatshirt: for street style looks the varsity jacket or sweatshirt are what you need. Wide trousers and sneakers and you will be at the top.
  • jacket and trousers: for a casual chic look choose the blazer jacket and soft green trousers. To be closed with a white top and white sneakers.
  • accessories: whether it’s a bag, a hat or a scarf, the green accessory is the trendy touch that even your simplest look needs. By the way, Letizia Ortiz chooses a bold look, and it’s immediately there for all to see!

Trendy spring look

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Now that you know all the secrets for your spring looks, you can only create the best outfit and show it off! You will be perfect!

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