For breast beauty: creams and tips

For breast beauty: creams and tips

The detoxifying diet

A woman is beautiful also and above all when she feels beautiful. And to get this result you must like it in front of the mirror, even with just a pair of briefs. There is no need to wait for the first low-cut dresses to be able to take care of your breasts and décolleté, indeed it is precisely in this period that you need to prepare your skin before taking on the costume test.

During winter the greatest attention was received by the face and hands: specific creams and treatments to combat aggression from the harsh climate. Now the time has come to focus on the neck and breast. Choose a cream to firm, tone and reshape. Today cosmetic products allow to have a real lifting effect that intensifies the natural bra of skin tissues. Here are all the breast creams, with useful indications and recommended prices.

To have a firm and supported chest, it is also necessary to do some gymnastics aimed at the muscles of the neck, shoulders and pectorals, without forgetting the abs and biceps. You have to get used to a correct posture: open shoulders and back, erect neck and relaxed back.

Three useful tips:
1. In the shower, pass the jet of water on the breast, first fresh and then cold, to improve surface circulation and tone the tissues.
2. Use a comfortable bra that supports and does not squeeze.
3. Fitness: train your chest muscles by rotating your elbows at shoulder height.


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