For discoloration and acne. It costs PLN 15 and works like a PLN 400 treatment

For discoloration and acne.  It costs PLN 15 and works like a PLN 400 treatment

Is it possible to effectively fight discoloration and acne without spending a fortune on expensive creams and cosmetic treatments? It turns out that yes! All you need is a walk to the nearest pharmacy and about PLN 15 in your wallet.

For discoloration and acne.  It costs PLN 15 and works like a PLN 400 treatment

Keeping your skin in good condition requires not only regular care, but also a conscious approach to the choice of cosmetics. The key to success is protection against the harmful effects of sunlight, daily cleansing, proper diet and hydration.

Azelaic acid – a cheap and effective way to remove discoloration

The cosmetics market is full of products that promise spectacular results in the fight against discoloration. However, many of them are expensive solutions that can significantly damage the home budget. Before reaching for the most expensive options, it is worth paying attention to proven and affordable products available in pharmacies.

One such product is azelaic acid ointment. It is a substance with proven bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and skin-smoothing properties. Moreover, azelaic acid is great at removing discolorations, including those caused by acne.

Products with azelaic acid are available in various forms – from creams, through emulsions, to peelings. Thanks to their effectiveness and gentle action, they have gained recognition in both cosmetology and dermatology. Additionally, due to their high safety profile, they can be used by a wide range of recipients.

How does azelaic acid work?

Azelaic acid is a substance from the group of dihydrocarboxylic acids, naturally occurring in some grain products, such as wheat or rye. It is used in cosmetics due to its ability to gently exfoliate the epidermis and lighten discolorations.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of cosmetics with acids requires limiting skin exposure to the sun to minimize the risk of irritation. Therefore, treatment with azelaic acid is best performed in autumn.

The use of azelaic acid during pregnancy and lactation

Experiments conducted on animals did not reveal any negative effects of azelaic acid on pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, due to the limited number of studies on humans, this ingredient is not recommended for use by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Azelaic acid – potential side effects

The use of azelaic acid may be associated with certain side effects, including itching, burning, redness or dryness of the skin at the site of application. Less frequently, you may experience worsening acne, severe asthma symptoms, seborrheic dermatitis, swelling or even ulceration. However, such symptoms are limited to the areas where the acid was applied and should disappear as the treatment continues.

A cheap and proven method for discoloration and acne exists and is available in every pharmacy. Azelaic acid is a substance that can effectively help fight these skin problems without overburdening our budget. Therefore, it is worth giving it a chance before reaching for more expensive solutions.