For every body there is the perfect outfit! Do not you believe it? Find out which one is yours!

For every body there is the perfect outfit!  Do not you believe it?  Find out which one is yours!

For every body there is the perfect outfit! But what is my physical shape? And which outfit best suits my needs? If you want to answer these questions, you are on the right style guide! Here’s how to make the perfect outfit based on your fitness!

Those who love fashion like us fashion lovers know how much it is important to wear the right look. It makes us feel invincible, ready to face our day as if we had to step into a ring. With the right outfit we feel beautiful, strong and confident! In the same way, however, we do not feel comfortable when we wear the wrong outfit. We feel all our insecurities come up as soon as we wear the trousers that do not enhance us or the shirt that is too low-cut. For this reason fashion is important, because it gives us the strength and the charge to face all the situations that life puts before us!

Physique-based outfits

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How many times have we stopped in front of the window of our favorite shop and fell in love with the garments displayed on a mannequin? Then maybe we went in and bought with our eyes closed, but once we got home the boss of our dreams became in a second that of our nightmares.

It has happened to all of us at least once in our life, to buy what we like without thinking about what really suits us!

Why iThe first step to be at the top with clothing is to understand what can enhance our physical shape. And to do this we must, at times, avoid certain leaders.

For example, if your body shape is pear-shaped, what should you wear and what not to enhance yourself?

Here is the license plate style guide CheWoman who will answer this question! Are you curious? Let’s get started right away!

The perfect outfit according to your body exists, you just need to know the right style rules!

Before starting to see the style rules to create the perfect outfit that fits our body, we need to make a clarification: every woman must use fashion to feel her best! There are no real rules, only style advice, that we can use at will whenever we want!

Perfect physical outfit

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see what they are the outfits to prefer based on our physical form:

  • physical rectangle: in general, those with a so-called “rectangle” body have a slender physicality, but without a very defined waistline. Here you can play with blazer-style jackets, perhaps to be worn over an oversized t-shirt and boyfriend jeans, all to be closed with sneakers. Those with this physicality will also wear low-waisted jeans very well, extremely trendy for 2022.
  • pear shape: by “pear” body we mean that type of body that shows the small waistline and accentuated hips. So to enhance our pear-shaped physicality we will definitely have to highlight the upper body and the waistline. For example with a look consisting of a blouse with a V-neckline, worn inside high-waisted trousers or jeans, possibly straight in the leg or with a bell, so as to give momentum to the legs too! By the way, here are the perfect pants for a pear shape as Kim Kardashian wears them!
  • hourglass or curvy physique: there is also the physicality commonly called “hourglass” or curvy, which is generally shown with shapely breasts, small waist and pronounced hips. For example, singer Jennifer Lopez shows this physicality, and enhances it with tight-fitting stretch midi dresses. So yes to high-waisted tight skirts or tight dresses, no to maxi sweaters and too baggy pants!

Perfect physical outfit

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It ends here at the license plate style guide CheWoman which today saw as protagonists the perfect outfits based on our physicality!

See you at the next style guide, to stay updated on all the news regarding fashion, society, and much more!

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