For the summer and by the sea you will need these trendy accessories, signed by Zara!

For the summer and by the sea you will need these trendy accessories, signed by Zara!

For summer 2022 at the sea you will need one fundamental thing to be trendy: the right accessories! But which ones to choose? Where to buy them? And how to combine them? Let’s answer these questions together, on a CheDonna style guide

The bathing season has finally started! With the beautiful sunny days and sultry heat in us the switch was turned on, which tells us “it’s time for the sea”! Then prepare the bag with the towel, sunscreen, bathing suit and so on. But aren’t you forgetting anything? The accessories! That’s right, why to spend a summer full of fashion as a true fashion lover you will not have to forget the right accessories, not even at the beach. Let’s find out together in this branded style guide CheWoman Which ones are they the 4 accessories that should never be missing in your beach outfit this summer!

summer accessories

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We endure the sultry heat of summer only thanks to the sea, where we spend recharging days under the scorching sun to get the best tan.

You will think that at the sea you cannot be trendy, but you just have to think about practicality and comfort, right? Instead you are very wrong, because every true fashion lover knows that every moment is good to show off trends after trends, and the sea is no exception.

So, how can you be trendy even by the sea? Easy! Wearing the right accessories! Don’t know which ones to choose? You are on the right style guide, because today on here CheWoman we will see the 4 trendiest accessories of the moment, perfect for a day at the beach, to buy for less than € 20, from Zara.

Are you curious? So let’s get started!

To spend the summer in step with the trends, choose accessories from Zara, which cost less than € 20!

We all know the brand Zara. We all own at least one item of this brand at home. But what many don’t know is that they own a vast assortment of accessories, all extremely in step with trends. Plus at low cost!

summer accessories

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s discover the 4 low-cost Zara accessories for a summer at the top:

  • maxi jewelry necklaces: if you will spend your day with friends at the bathhouse, you will have to take care of your look down to the smallest detail. Choose the right swimsuit, cover-up, and accessory. For example? Maxi colored necklaces to match the color of your outfit. Cost € 19.95.
  • satin foulard with print: it is not just an accessory, but a fashion lifesaver for our beach hair. What are we talking about? A satin scarf, to be used on the head as a bandana or headband. Cost from Zara € 9.95.
  • net bag: do you need the new beach bag, which is trendy, roomy, but you don’t want to spend a fortune? Here is the Zara net bag, a real bag, available in many colors, where you can put all your things for the sea. Cost? € 6.95.
  • cat eye sunglasses: last, but not least, the essential accessory: sunglasses. Cat eye model with spotted frame, cost € 19.95. By the way, Queen Elizabeth’s purse is on sale, for a very short time!

Summer accessories

Photo from Zara Official Site

The license plate style guide ends here CheWoman on essential accessories for a summer in step with trends!

See you at the next style guide, to find out all the news from the world of fashion, and much more!

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