Four exercises effective against bruises and elbow problems

Small traumas, bruises but also more serious problems such as “tennis elbow”: there are several situations that put one of the most complex and delicate joints of the body at risk.

How to recover? With the specific exercises recommended by Salvatore Marinelli, rehabilitation therapist in Milan. To be performed daily for 10 days, once the acute pain phase has passed.

Side extensions

Lie down with your legs bent and your arms at your sides. Raise the forearm of the injured elbow to a 90 ° angle, then slowly “open” it outward, as if touching the floor with the back of your hand. Stop before you feel pain, then return to the starting position and repeat. Do 3-5 repetitions

Twisting of the cloth

Standing up, grab a small towel. The shoulders are straight, the elbows high, the spine well extended. He gradually begins to twist the cloth as if you were to squeeze it: one hand rotates clockwise, the other counterclockwise. Then, he releases the tension and repeat, reversing the movement. He executes 3 times, both in one direction and the other.

Forearm pronation

Sitting next to a table, she grabs a bottle of water and rests the forearm of the sore elbow on the floor, with the wrist free to move. She gradually lifts her weight up, then lower it without taking her arm off the table. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Do 10 repetitions.

Wrist flexions

Standing, back straight, raise the injured arm and flex the elbow, with the forearm in front of the chest and the “cutting” hand. Then, move your hand from side to side, just like a windshield wiper. Perform 5 movements to the left and 5 to the right

(Drawings by Alessandra Scandella)