Fragile bones, how to discover osteoporosis and how to deal with it

Fragile bones, how to discover osteoporosis and how to deal with it

"Make your bones win" is the campaign to support correct information on the problem of bone fragility and the importance of checks and therapies

Almost five million Italians over 60 are faced with bone fragility and are exposed to the risk of fragility fractures. The Covid19 emergency has worsened the scenario also on this front: postponed checkups, suspended therapies, difficulties in visits with specialists. But being informed about proper prevention, the importance of adherence to therapy and having a dialogue with a trusted doctor can help patients slow down the weakening of the skeleton and reduce the risk of fragility fractures. These are the key points of the new edition of the awareness campaign "Make your bones win" promoted by Amgen in collaboration with APMARR – National Association of People with Rare Rheumatological Diseases, FEDIOS – Italian Federation of Osteoporosis and Skeletal Diseases, FIRMO – Italian Research Foundation on Bone Diseases, Senior Italy, GISOOS – Italian Study Group in Orthopedics of Severe Osteoporosis, OrtoMed – Italian Society of Orthopedics, SIOMMMS – Italian Society on Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeleton Diseases and with the patronage of SIE – Italian Society of Endocrinology. The “Let your bones win” campaign is aimed in particular at women over 65 and those over 45 who today have the role of caregiver but who must also begin to consider the health of their bones.

Exceptional testimonial, Loretta Goggi

From "La Freccia Nera", scripted several decades ago, to the first evenings in Rai, to hit songs like "Maledetta primavera" and unforgettable imitations. Loretta Goggi, a great character of the Italian show business, is the testimonial of “Make your bones win”. “I have always been close to everything that is prevention in various fields; for example, I have been a spokesperson for the AIRC since 1981 and I joined this cause precisely because I suffered painful losses in my family, "he says. "Then I also followed the path of research for Alzheimer's, but not in an official way, and also here because two years ago I lost a cousin who suffered from it. Now I am engaging in this osteoporosis campaign, and I am happy to do so, because it is a topic that concerns me very closely: I am 70 years old and I do periodic checks to assess the health of my bones. When I join an initiative, it is because I also experience it on my skin, in this case on my bones, and the people who follow me know it. With the campaign "Let your bones win" we want to promote correct information on the problem of bone fragility and the importance of checks and therapies. Correct information is essential. When I was born, in the 1950s, information did not exist: it was still problematic for women to be examined by the gynecologist, let alone talk about bone health. Today, however, thanks to campaigns like this, we can get correct information to many people. And with this campaign, I really want to give a message to all women, mothers, daughters, especially young people: do the checks and make them a lifestyle. Young people think that nothing will ever happen to them and they live a lot in their present condition: it is their strength but it is also their limit. Young people have the enthusiasm to move forward but have little awareness of the problems that affect older people. The example of parents can contribute a lot to this aspect: if a mother, or even a father, takes care of herself and is supervised, the children grow up with this type of habit, or if we want to call it "education", and in this way they approach prevention with more ease, which becomes part of their lifestyle ".

The message for women

"If you suffer from osteoporosis, therapy is not a game, follow it", is the slogan that accompanies the message of adherence to therapy, as a fundamental tool for combating bone fragility on the basis of the doctor's instructions. This simple rule, combined with the early diagnosis of osteoporosis, represents the most effective weapon to counteract the risk of fractures. “In Italy 10 billion euros are spent on prevention but only a very small amount is dedicated to the prevention of bone fragility. We have been repeating it for some time and unfortunately things have not changed yet: in our country there is no prevention for osteoporosis almost as if to avoid the problem, as if this disease did not exist "says Maria Luisa Brandi, Endocrinologist and President of FIRMO. "The more we talk about bone fragility, the more the problem is brought to the attention of citizens, not only of the elderly but also of children and grandchildren, because this pathology and its most serious complication, the fragility fracture, affects us all given the very high socio-health costs ". Amgen's commitment to supporting the campaign is an integral part of the role of "responsible citizen" that a pharmaceutical company must have. "Amgen's expertise in osteoporosis comes from afar, in time and space. Literally. It was in fact a test conducted in 2001 on the rapid loss of bone mass that astronauts undergo due to microgravity, in collaboration with NASA on board a Space Shuttle, to give a decisive impetus to our research, already in place for a decade, and which led to the creation of a reference drug in this area ”reports Maria Luce Vegna, Executive Medical Director Amgen Italia. "Today we are relaunching" Make Your Bones Win ", a more timely campaign than ever at a time when the regularity of medical checks and the continuity of treatment for chronic diseases such as osteoporosis are compromised, increasing the risk of fractures and re-fractures for patients. It is essential to multiply efforts to promote greater awareness among citizens, patients and their caregivers on the risks of bone fragility and on how to prevent them, as well as raising awareness of the need to continue the indicated treatments regularly and, above all, the importance of maintaining dialogue with the trusted doctor ".

With the contribution of Amgen

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