Francesca Barra pregnant with Claudio Santamaria, live confession

Francesca Barra confessed, during a heated clash on TV with Lemme to "Live-Non è la D’Urso", to expect the first child from Claudio Santamaria. The fourth for the journalist, after Renato, Angelina and Greta

Francesca Barra would have preferred to say it in different themes and ways. Instead, the good news that she and her husband Claudio Santamaria are expecting their first child came suddenly, during a heated clash with the dietician Alberico Lemme, during the live broadcast of Live-Non è la D’Urso on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Attacked severely because deemed by the dietician to be "thigh and ass", Francesca burst out, confirming the rumors that had been chasing each other for weeks:

I won't let her offend me, because I'm pregnant, so she has to shut up and I'm going away

For the journalist it would be the fourth child, after Renato, Emma Angelina and Greta had by Marcello Molfino. Claudio Santamaria already has a 12-year-old daughter, Emma, ​​who had her ex partner Delfina Fendi.

The next morning, with a cold mind, Francesca posted a selfie on Instagram, apologized for how she confirmed the pregnancy and explained her reasons

I would have liked to do it with a smile and in the times and ways that we would have deemed right. But I could not allow a person like Lemme who has the undeserved privilege of addressing such a large audience to offend me. Both for the physical state and for other choices. At some point: enough. I could not continue to remain in his presence, for me and for all the people who, in front of the offenses, cash in and give him space. On the controversies I am reading about Barbara D’Urso's program, as well as remembering that authoritative signatures of Italian journalism alternate in that living room and that politicians compete to make their announcements there, I do not deny anything. Rather. I decided to intervene in the broadcast because I am a journalist and we have an obligation to tell, contain certain phenomena or to try to illuminate those who today consider him "a genius" by remembering that those who offend women and homosexuals cannot be. Who without restraint not only at home, but on television says that if their children died they would not suffer. You have to have respect for those parents who instead lost their children and live an endless pain. We owe it to him. I will tell the truth until the end, I will fight everywhere for the rights of others, for what I believe in. Even when I'm the first to pay for it. Like yesterday. Lemme hurts and owes his "success" to a perverse mechanism similar to Stockholm syndrome where the victim is almost hypnotized by his executioner. He doesn't make me laugh, even if he laughs at his jokes alone. (Violence against women begins with verbal violence). I also find it harmful that a pharmacist who gives information on diets, cheats on a woman who – as the photograph taken this morning shows – has absolutely a normal physical state. I say this because I would like you to stop having the complex of the centimeters and the canons imposed by some gurus, or made such, not by the presenters, journalists. It is the public that chooses who goes up and down

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