Francesca Chillemi back in May God help us: hers is a "rock and roll" nun

Francesca Chillemi back in May God help us: hers is a "rock and roll" nun

Guest of Fialdini, the former Miss Italy, now an actress for several years, tells of Azzurra in "Che Dio Ci Aiuti 6" but also her being a caring mother

May God Help Us 6: the previews by Elena Sofia Ricci

Beautiful, beautiful, and ready to return to TV after a difficult 2020 for everyone. Francesca Chillemi is ready to welcome with the spectators the arrival on TV from 7 January of the sixth series of Rai 1 Che Dio Ci Aiuti, in which she plays Azzurra, a future novice defined as a "rock and roll nun" by Roberta Fialdini herself who hosted Chillemi for an interview in her free-wheeling living room.

From Ex Miss Italia, crowned beauty queen back in 2003 as the first Miss of Carlo Conti (who immediately wanted her by his side in the edition of I recommended that year), Francesca has come a long way, and like her she explained herself, she soon realized that what she felt she wanted to become was an actress.

Having laid down the crown of the most beautiful in Italy, Francesca Chillemi began a long career that continues at full speed with the role of Azzurra, who in What God Helps Us 6 we know how to become a novice. Azzurra's is a character with a strong personality in which Francesca put her own and which she discovered along the way, revealing that at the time of the initial auditions to assign the characters, the role she had to play was another, but Azzurra has chosen her, and vice versa.

In addition to her career as an actress, however, there is more: Francesca Chillemi in private life is a mother attentive to the privacy of her daughter Rania, born in 2016 from the union with Stefano Rosso. Pressed by Fialdini, the actress explained that together with her partner, far from the world of entertainment, she prefers that her daughter one day choose independently whether to appear or not on social media, without however blaming those who, unlike her, choose to show even very young children on their public profiles.

While waiting for the sixth series of May God Help Us to return to TV, Francesca is preparing to welcome 2021 with the hope that it will be a little lighter year for everyone and that the sense of responsibility, on which she wanted to emphasize , involve as many people as possible, in order to leave behind this complicated moment we are experiencing.

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