Francesca De André in love more than ever: the love letter for Gennaro

Francesca De André in love more than ever: the love letter for Gennaro

After Big Brother, the love story between Francesca De André and Gennaro proceeds at full speed. And here comes a romantic statement from the girl to her boyfriend

Francesca De André is increasingly taken by Gennaro Lillio, so much so that she has dedicated a long love letter to him to shed light on his feelings and erase any doubts.

The granddaughter of the famous songwriter Fabrizio De André thus seems to have definitively archived the story with Giorgio Tambellini, the ex who would have betrayed her with a mysterious brunette during her participation in Big Brother.

Now, in Francesca's heart there is room only for Gennaro, the beautiful Neapolitan model who immediately felt attracted to her roommate. And despite the numerous criticisms received inside and outside the Cinecittà house, the two seem to be happier and more in love than ever.

Just in these days, Francesca has decided to dedicate a long love letter to her boyfriend, published in the weekly DiPiù:

Dear Gennaro, we have known each other recently, in the Casa del Grande Fratello we have been together for almost two months, but we are really getting to know each other only now, after the end of the reality show. However, I am already convinced of our love, also because you managed to break through my heart while I was in an uproar. And, you know, it is already difficult to impress me when I am well, but it is almost impossible when I am distracted by an emotional and painful hurricane, just as it happened to me during Big Brother: in those days distrust reigned in me.

No doubt for De André therefore, who seems more than convinced of the feelings she has for her Gennaro Lillio. Finally, the 29 year old feels not only emotionally reciprocated, but also listened to and understood. Both outside and inside the home of the GF, the beautiful Neapolitan has always been an important support for Francesca, especially in her worst moments, linked both to the stormy relationship with her ex Giorgio and to the difficult relationship with her father Cristiano, who in these days he appealed to his daughter to try to reunite the family.

Of this, the now ex gieffina speaks clearly in his letter:

You will remember that I had partly spoken to you about my problems that I had, and still have, with my father, with whom I haven't talked for years: our only contacts are through the lawyers. When I say take the whole package, I mean just that. Being engaged to me means being next to a girl who, instead of receiving any kind of help from her father, or from any relative, has legal conflicts with her father and is disparaged by the whole family.

Yet, after the reality show ended, Francesca De André seems to have shelved the aggressiveness and malaise of recent months. Now she is happy and in love, and only hopes that she will not be disappointed again by her new boyfriend. Perhaps, given the difficult relationship with her father, it will not be easy for her to abandon herself definitively to a man, but Gennaro could be the right person to try to do it. And this "open heart" declaration seems to be the proof.

I like the effervescent personality with which you amaze me day after day: knowing yourself superficially you look like a calm and posed man, knowing yourself better you are an erupting volcano. Those who look from the outside can rightly think that I am the one to keep calm … But no, it's you. Excellent bread for my teeth. Gennaro, you are mine. Gennaro, I'm yours. I won't disappoint you, don't disappoint me either.

With these words, the beautiful 29 year old closes her love letter, showing herself to her boyfriend (and not only) without filters. An important step for De André's granddaughter, who has finally found the courage to show us her feminine and romantic side, so far covered by a mask of anger and aggression.

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