Francesca De Andrè: "My father beat my sister"

Francesca De Andrè launches heavy accusations against her father Cristiano, who according to his story would have beaten his sister

Francesca De Andrè confesses to Barbara D’Urso and says that her father, Cristiano De Andrè, would have beaten his sister. "My father Cristiano, who gives me so much against, beat my sister Alice this summer – he told Sunday Live -, he did it at 6 am".

"Alice is 17 – continued Francesca De Andrè – if she were of age she would be here to tell it. This summer he literally slaughtered her. My sister had to run away from home at 6 am. They were in Sardinia. When she left home, he didn't even call or look for her. From then on he washed his hands completely. She no longer speaks to him ".

When Barbara D’Urso pointed out to De Andrè's niece that her accusations were particularly strong, Francesca replied: “I am fully aware of what I am saying – he said -. My father beat my sister Alice. As proof, I have his story, his mother's and his messages. There is also the word of the psychologist who is following her. Alice has always tried to tell me that my father had changed, but the truth is another and now it has come out ".

"Your dad just got engaged to a woman who's 21, what do you think?" Added Barbara D’Urso. "What do I think? Which is a little girl – De Andrè's daughter replied -. To be beautiful in front of her, he takes her around the world. Then he doesn't even pay for my sister's school. But please".

On Sunday Live, Francesca De Andrè also wanted to talk about Daniele Interrante with whom he left after 6 years of love. "We broke up because a serious crisis had divided us – said the young woman -. If it hadn't been for his superficiality we wouldn't be here. I sometimes thought he was weak in character compared to me and this thing influenced me. After the crisis, we didn't see each other for two months, then came this Brazilian guy who makes me feel good ”.

Francesca De Andrè and her father have always had a stormy relationship. We'll see what he responds to these allegations.

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