Francesca De André, the (tough) reply to her father Cristiano

Francesca De André, the (tough) reply to her father Cristiano

After the appeal of his father Cristiano, the answer of the ex gieffina Francesca De André arrives

Years of controversy and indifference have tempered the character of Francesca De André, who now does not seem to want to know that she is getting closer to her father. The conditions for a reconciliation were all there, but things did not go in the right direction.

A few weeks ago, Cristiano De André had published on his Facebook profile an appeal addressed to his second daughter, in the hope of convincing her to return to him. For a long time, the family has lived between quarrels and misunderstandings, which in recent months have resulted in a real television diatribe. In fact, Francesca participated in Big Brother 16, and she got to let off steam against her father.

Then, once out of the most spied house in Italy, the arrows continued in the sitting room of Barbara D’Urso, who in her own way tried to bring peace to the De André house. Initially his attempts seemed in vain, so much so that Cristiano even warned Mediaset not to talk about him again. But in the end Barbara seemed to have had it – again – won, as she did last year with the case of Bobby Solo and Veronica Satti.

As we said, Cristiano had published a photo on Facebook that portrayed him embracing two of his children: Fabrizia, the eldest daughter, and Alice, the youngest. A sign that, at least with the older sister De André, a truce had come. Her appeal was directed precisely to Francesca, and invited her to "lay down her arms". We waited for several days for his reply, in the hope that the moment of an armistice had finally come. And now that the reply has arrived, we can say that peace is still far away.

In an interview with the weekly Spy, the former gieffina broke the silence for the first time on the matter, in particular by talking about her older sister and her decision: "I don't agree with Fabrizia's choice. Do you think that our father had distrusted both of us before we entered the Big Brother house "- Francesca began -" We are different in many ways and this leads us to make different decisions. I continue to love her. "

Her words are crystal clear, and they clearly refer to her sister's choice to approach her father. It therefore seems evident that Francesca, on the contrary, has no intention of accepting Cristiano's request to bury the hatchet. Indeed, according to her, it is only fiction for use and consumption of the media: “These are all media pantomimes. In fact, he never looked for me. Instead of writing messages on social media, he could have shown up. […] If he really wants to lay down his arms, he should start to stop carrying on the legal battles ".

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