Francesca Fialdini, her program in Rai sled: apprehensive fans

Francesca Fialdini ready to return with a new program, but rumors worry fans

A new TV adventure is about to start for Francesca Fialdini too, but things are not going exactly as planned, and the fans are apprehensive.

Many are eagerly awaiting the return of the journalist on video who, with her polite style and always ready to investigate, has conquered throngs of fans.

This year Fialdini will have an important place and for her new in the Rai schedules. In fact, with its new free-wheel drive transmission, it will occupy the second part of Rai Uno Sunday afternoon, replacing Cristina Parodi in that time slot and benefiting from the towing of the great plays of Domenica In by Mara Venier. The new format, which is described as an interesting mix of stories and entertainment, always keeping an eye on current affairs, seems to be tailor-made for the presenter and many are waiting to discover the new transmission.

According to rumors, however, something is not going as it should, and the first episode of the new show, scheduled for September 15, to coincide with the debut of Domenica In, seems to be running the risk of slipping.

Revealing the concerns circulating in Rai was Alberto Dandolo in the weekly Oggi, which spoke of "strong delays". Even a few days before the scheduled start of the broadcast, the studio would not be ready yet.

Fialdini fans, therefore, risk having to wait longer than expected to be able to follow the good TV presenter again. She is still ready to dive into this new commitment, after a summer in which she enjoyed relaxation, nature and even the new companion, of whom the presenter, always very reserved, did not reveal the name, but of which she revealed. "We've been together for a while, living far away and not part of the entertainment world."

Certainly, however, all these innovations are giving the right charge to Francesca Fialdini to face the new television season, and it will certainly not be some setback or a possible slippage to discourage her. Fans will eventually just have to be a little more patient.

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