Francesca Fialdini is back on TV and conquers with Giovanna Botteri and Cesare Bocci

Francesca Fialdini is back on TV and conquers with Giovanna Botteri and Cesare Bocci

With us … Freewheeling starts again with a bang, thanks to a splendid Francesca Fialdini and her guests

The highly anticipated show From us … Freewheeling, once again led by the talented Francesca Fialdini, starts again. During the first episode, the presenter welcomed Giovanna Botteri and Cesare Bocci into her studio, very welcome guests who were able to win over the public.

Fresh from a truly satisfying debut season, Francesca Fialdini is back at the helm of her Sunday show broadcast on Rai1, once again with a brilliant and never boring conduct. The appointment that kicked off the second edition of From us … Freewheeling saw an exceptional guest in the studio, the journalist Giovanna Botteri. She is the most famous bust in Italy, a woman who had the courage to follow her passions, always at the forefront even in the most difficult moments.

Botteri, who recently found herself the involuntary protagonist of a quarrel with Michelle Hunziker, took the opportunity to talk about her life full of emotions and adventures, her commitment as a special correspondent that took her around the world, until arriving in Beijing. And for once, we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the strong woman and the sweetest mother hiding behind the journalist's shoes.

If Giovanna Botteri gave us some snapshots of her daily life, the second guest was able to make us feel strong emotions. Cesare Bocci, an actor beloved by the public, has entered the studio and allowed himself for a splendid interview. After briefly retracing his career, Cesare talked about his experience at Dancing with the Stars, which two years ago saw him working alongside the dancer Alessandra Tripoli. Impossible not to be moved by remembering the tender moment in which he and his wife Daniela Spada, in front of the cameras of the talent show, surprised everyone with a romantic dance.

Then, it was time for the actor to celebrate. In fact, September 13 is his birthday, and in the studio there was no lack of a splendid cake to celebrate the 63 years of deputy commissioner Mimì Augello of the TV series dedicated to Montalbano – a role that, more than any other, made Bocci immortal in the television scene Italian. A few tears moistened Cesare's eyes when Fialdini broadcast a video with the wishes of his closest friends, thrilling even the viewers.

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