Francesca Fialdini positive at Covid: "But the wheel will turn also on Sunday"

Francesca Fialdini positive at Covid: "But the wheel will turn also on Sunday"

Francesca Fialdini announced that she tested positive for Coronavirus, but "From us … freewheeling" will be broadcast

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Francesca Fialdini tested positive for Covid-19. To announce it was the presenter of From us … freewheeling who published a long message on Instagram. The journalist explained that she contracted the Coronavirus, discovering it almost by chance after taking a swab. He reassured the audience about his health and announced that the program he leads will still air.

"Oh yes, laughter is good for many things but does not protect us at all – he wrote on Instagram, posting a clip of his Sunday show -. I tested positive for Covid; I often undergo a tampon and yesterday before going to work I preferred to go to the pharmacy. And so I discovered it. Thank goodness my team is fine. The wheel will also turn on Sunday in some way. I will keep you updated step by step, but without stress ”.

Here … freewheeling has now reached its second season and is getting an excellent response in terms of criticism and ratings. The Fialdini show airs after Domenica In by Mara Venier and has quickly become an unmissable event for many viewers. Elegant and never over the top, Francesca is one of the most beloved Rai faces, and she proved it by bringing success not only to the Sunday broadcast, but also to Hunger for Love, a format that deals with the delicate issue of eating disorders.

"I have many girls who live" Freewheeling "as if it were something that concerns them, and this makes me very happy – he had confided to Tipsforwomens some time ago -. They are keen to make me feel that I am there, they always offer me their support and their point of view. In direct I often reply and also beautiful relationships are born, which continue regardless of television: they confide in each other and I try to be there as much as I can […] They tell me how they see me, what they perceive about me rather than my programs. It is easier for them to ask me if I have slept when they see me tired, or if I am happy when they see me out of sorts ”.

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