Francesca Fioretti, the memory of Astori in the emotional message to her daughter

Francesca Fioretti

Francesca Fioretti has published a very tender shot on her daughter's Instagram, remembering the ex-partner Davide Astori

Davide Astori and Francesca Fioretti, their great love

In his daily life and in his thoughts there is always the ex-partner Davide Astori, who died suddenly on 4 March 2018 due to a cardiac arrest in his sleep. And Francesca Fioretti always remembers it by making her followers move.

The Fiorentina captain left an unbridgeable void in the life of his partner, who slowly managed to recover thanks also to his daughter Vittoria, the fruit of that love that will never die.

On Instagram Fioretti has published a beautiful shot of her little girl who, wearing a coat and hat, enjoys playing with dry leaves, throwing them in the air. To accompany the photograph, a touching thought:

They told me that I had to thank you – wrote Francesca – But we already knew that we would thank each other. My eternity.

The message of awareness and hope, of a mother who was able to roll up her sleeves after a great loss. The path was certainly not easy: Francesca managed to manage the trauma of her partner's death thanks to a child psychologist, as revealed during an interview with Vanity Fair.

In fact, for many months she struggled to manage little Vittoria, afraid at the thought of loving her less. Almost three years after the death of Astori, however, Fioretti managed to get up again: from that March 4th 2018 that snatched the great love of her life from her, she slowly rebuilt her life, leaving Florence, full of beautiful but painful memories .

Then she moved to a new home in Milan, finding a job in the theater, which saw her debut last year as the star of the Lumbs show.

Since his partner passed away, Fioretti has published several posts to remember the Fiorentina captain. Like when he shared a wonderful shot of the Northern Lights on his Instagram profile, accompanied by the words "SBAMMMMMMMMMM, You found us!".

Francesca obviously could not help but dedicate some words of love also last March, when she published a black and white shot that sees her with her little girl on an empty beach looking at the horizon: "You, Vittoria, my only safe place in the world, forever ".

Francesca Fioretti

Vittoria, the daughter of Francesca Fioretti. Source: Instagram

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