Francesca Pascale's appeal: "Marina sacrifice yourself, take the field"

Francesca Pascale's appeal: "Marina sacrifice yourself, take the field"

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Francesca Pascale has clear ideas: “Without Berlusconi, Forza Italia falters. But what does this mean? What does it all end? " In her first political interview with La Repubblica, Pascale addressed directly to Marina Berlusconi asking her "selfishly" to accept the challenge, to take the field and thus save the father's political legacy.

In any case, if this family succession will not exist, Pascale does not break down: "I say: we start again from Berlusconi who is our guide, from the party coordinators, from the Forza Silvio clubs".

The Knight's fiancée does not spare any arrows to Renzi and Alfano, "the two traitors" of this government, stressing that she did not like how the current executive was constituted. And on Alfano he does not mince words: "An authentic turncoat".

Pascale also allows herself a joke about the possible wedding: “In Naples they also gave me wedding shoes, incredible… But: the dream wedding, true, is in church and I can no longer have it. At this point, let's say that if he falls for the third time, that day I will find myself free. "

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