Francesca Tocca and Valentin broke up, the announcement on Instagram

Francesca Tocca and Valentin broke up, the announcement on Instagram

Tocca and Valentin are no longer together: the announcement comes through the dancer, only shortly after the official confirmation of their relationship

Lightning bolt from the blue for Francesca Tocca and Valentin Alexandru: Raimondo Todaro's ex stated on her Instagram profile that she broke up with the dancer she met in the school of Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Since in recent months it has been my decision to live my relationship with Valentin in total freedom, I would like to announce that Vale and I are no longer together. With this I ask you just a little respect, for me and for him

This is the announcement arrived via the dancer’s Instagram profile, only a short time after the two had chosen to live their relationship openly, making it official also on social media.
Their love story began during the famous talent show, while Valentin was a student and Francesca a professional dancer: immediately between the two (almost) colleagues a particular feeling was created, despite the fact that she had been married for years to Raimondo Todaro, face loved of Dancing with the Stars, with whom he also had a wonderful daughter.

Once the ex-spouses announced the end of their marriage, there were so many suppositions about an alleged betrayal: not surprisingly, the loyal public of Amici, who had noticed the growing harmony between Francesca and Valentin, had hypothesized several times that there was a story going on between the two.

Fans of the program, in fact, had seen us long: shortly after, the relationship between the two dancers had been confirmed by Valentin, however it was Raimondo Todaro who denied any rumor about a supposed infidelity of the Touch.
As Francesca's ex-husband himself told the weekly Oggi, their marriage ended for other reasons:

There was no real factor that triggered the crisis. I think we are one of the few couples who have not left each other for cheating. Our bond died slowly, very naturally. With Francesca we first became a couple in dance and then also in life. Together we traveled the world for competitions and the moment she walked away to get ready with another dancer, I missed her. So I went to get her back and the next day we moved in together, got engaged and married. The dance brought us together, but we didn't split for the same reason.

Once all the rumors had fallen asleep, Valentin and Francesca had resumed dating in the sunlight, expressing all their love even on social networks. Everything seemed to go smoothly between the two, so much so that the former pupil of Amici's school had dedicated some very sweet words to his partner even last July.
Precisely for this reason, the news of their separation was really unexpected: the two dancers separated only after a few months of official relationship and – at the moment – the causes of this decision are not known.

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