Francesco Facchinetti, thieves at home: "My wife has been sick for days"

Francesco Facchinetti and his wife Wilma tell of the night when the thieves broke into their villa

Francesco Facchinetti and his wife Wilma Faissol reveal on TV that they were the victims of a gang of thieves who broke into their villa. The couple married in 2014 and have two children, Leone and Lavinia. The former model also has another daughter, Charlotte, the result of a previous union, while Francesco is Mia's father, born from the bond with Alessia Marcuzzi.

Very active on Instagram, from 12 April they are the protagonists of a TV series called The Facchinettis in which they tell their life, between funny moments, emotion, but also moments of fear. Like the one experienced when some thieves broke into their home. "In my house there is a panic room – explained Francesco Facchinetti -. When we heard the noises, the first thing we did was go there. When I was down, I had a weapon in my hand and I tried to give a weapon to my wife too ".

"For those who have never shot, taking a gun in hand is not a simple thing – he added -. But if you walk into my house and threaten the people I love, I react. I can't take the risk of something happening to my wife or children. I know it's a strong message but this is my thought ”.

Affirmations that have raised a lot of criticism on the net, from those who do not share the concept of "justice is done by you", but which have not prevented the producer from supporting his thesis.

Facchinetti then recounted the shock experienced by Wilma Helena Faissol, posting images in which the woman is visibly tried: “My distraught wife who goes around the house with a knife in her hand – he said -. He didn't sleep for days and threw up everything he ate for a week ”.

Extremely in love and funny, Wilma and Francesco define their extended family as "imperfect, but perfect". It is no coincidence that the fashion blogger has a splendid relationship with Alessia Marcuzzi, former partner of Facchinetti, now married to Paolo Calabresi Marconi. The son of Roby dei Pooh has revealed that he has met his future wife in chat. "At the time I flirted with everyone – he explained -. So I started flirting with her too, telling her and doing amazing things […] Our family is very colorful, unusual. We overcome the difficulties and ours is without a doubt an extended family ”.

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